There is No Back-Up Plan

You need to save for retirement now.

By: Mary Wood | Category: Financial Services | Issue: November 2019

Your financial well-being is up to you. There is no back-up plan for your retirement income unless you create one.

Social Security was never meant to be a sole source of retirement funds, as it only pays a fraction of your former wages. So, what’s your plan for supplemental income during retirement?

Start saving whatever you can right now, so your future self can enjoy a better retirement. The sooner you start, the better. Don’t worry if you’re mid-or-late career, there is still time.

Talk to a wealth advisor to learn about the many savings and investment opportunities to help you build a retirement nest egg. They’ll help you look at:

  • How you are currently investing
  • Your retirement goals
  • Whether you are saving enough
  • Other retirement planning opportunities

Start saving now. If you have questions, give me call at 918.342.7101. I’m here to help, even if you’re not a customer or looking to invest at this time.

Retirement Savings Milestones

Industry guidelines suggest the average worker should save at least 8 times their ending salary to replace 85% of pre-retirement income. This goal may be easier to attain by reaching smaller goals along the way. Use this chart to help you determine if you are on track for a successful retirement, or if you need to save more.

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