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By: Value News | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: April 2007

Theresa Angel says Sentricon stops termites from making a banquet of your home.

Springtime is here, and it’s time to stop putting off home maintenance chores. Unfortunately one chore some people put off until it is too late is having their homes inspected for termites. Now is the time to protect your home against one of nature’s smallest, most destructive pests.

“You would not believe the damage termites can do,” says Theresa Angel, Vice President of Mother Nature’s Pest Control. “They work fast and don’t stop until your home is severely damaged. They have an appetite that just doesn’t quit.”

Termites’ appetites cause approximately $8 billion in property damage every year, as thousands of homeowners discover that these tiny bugs have infested their homes. Termites can quickly turn your home’s wood framing and walls to dust.

Termites have begun their annual spring swarm, with millions of the tiny, winged insects taking to the air. Homeowners should look for telltale signs of termite infestation in and out of their homes, including exit holes in sheetrock and dirt-filled brown specks in ceilings and on sheetrock.

Mother Nature’s has been in business for over 27 years. They are locally owned and operated, with locations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. If you experience a swarm at you home, termites have been feeding for approximately three to five years. Mother Nature’s will provide you with a free termite inspection to start shutting down the buffet at your home.

“It pays to have your home inspected,” explains Theresa. “If you’ve got termites, you need to take action quickly to stop them from doing more damage. The Sentricon system is absolutely the best way to go.” A total colony elimination system, Sentricon will not leave behind stragglers that can re-colonize and do more damage. “Sentricon ambushes the queen,” Theresa says. Mother Nature’s is the largest independently-owned Sentricon distributor in the United States.

If you mulch you flowerbeds with wood chips, be sure to inspect them also for signs of termites. “They love the mulch in flower beds,” Theresa says. “It’s a smorgasbord for them.” You may have termites and not even know it.

The old method of termite control involved boring holes around a home’s foundation and inserting chemicals. That solution had problems; it damaged the foundation and was not friendly towards the environment. With Sentricon, technicians place stations around the perimeter of a house and checks back every other month. Only after termites are detected is bait inserted to attract and destroy the colony.

“It’s really a more earth-friendly solution,” Theresa mentions. “It uses the only bait guaranteed to eliminate the colony. Sentricon is so effective that the government has selected it to protect NASA, the White House, the Statue of Liberty and even the Alamo.”

Mother Nature’s Pest Control has trained technicians ready to visit your home and make sure you are protected against termites. With the Sentricon system, the company offers a wood repair guarantee. Do not let your home end up as a termite colony’s next meal. Termites may be tiny, but they can quickly do major damage. Call Mother Nature’s Tulsa location at (918) 362-2000 for a free inspection.

Listen to Theresa live on KRMG 740-AM’s Home Improvement Show every Saturday from 6 to 7 a.m. From 7 to 8 a.m., you can hear Theresa live on KFAQ 1170-AM’s Expert Talk. Listen for KRMG’s Bug of the Week every Saturday at 12:55 p.m. during the Darryl Baskin Real Estate Show.

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