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Stop Smoking this Year for the Great American Smokeout

Before you give up on giving up cigarettes, try an electronic cigarette at True Vapors.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Retail | Issue: November 2013

True Vapors owner Dwight Winton (right) with staff member Wren Millard.

True Vapors owner Dwight Winton (right) with staff member Wren Millard.

The Great American Smokeout, organized by the American Cancer Society, takes place on the third Thursday of every November – this year, it falls on November 21.

    As is common knowledge by now, smoking cigarettes poses a wide range of health risks. Aside from the many dangers of smoking, the habit brings with it plenty more nastiness, from stained ­fingers to increased wrinkles and aging with a lingering smell of smoke.

    There are many ­approaches to quitting the habit, but one relatively new method is catching on quickly with smokers in Oklahoma – the electronic cigarette. Commonly referred to as an “E-cig,” it is a small vaporizer that heats up a mixture of ­liquid, nicotine and flavoring, producing a vapor that looks like smoke. Manufactures have begun developing a ­variety of models and styles of E-cigs and even more varieties of vapor flavors. Oklahoma is relatively ahead of the curve in America, with small stores specializing in vaporizers and accessories popping up across the state.

    True Vapors, located in Owasso, is one of the latest of these stores. What sets True Vapors apart from other vapor stores, aside from their great selection, is the comfort and personality of the store. For many who enter an E-cig store for their first time, the experience can be a bit ­intimidating. It is difficult enough to build up the courage to commit to ­quitting. True Vapors, staffed by a great team of ex-smokers, wants you to know they are here to help you.

    Dwight Winton, owner of True Vapors, recalls his ­experience as a smoker. “I smoked for 50 years,” Dwight says. “I had reached the point where I had quit trying to quit.” Then one day a friend showed him an E-cig he had just picked up. Soon, Dwight was taking his first trip to a small shop to pick out his first E-cig.

    He knew he had found something that might just help him kick the habit when, he laughs, “After ten days, I realized I hadn’t smoked a ­single cigarette, and I didn’t want to kill anybody.” Two years later, he has stayed ­cigarette-free and now owns several vapor stores across the country. Dwight proudly declares, “I can honestly tell you, now, I am done with ­cigarettes.”

    Stories like Dwight’s are common among “vapers,” as the ex-smokers are sometimes called. At True Vapors, each staff member can personally relate to that first day of selecting an E-cig, and are eager to help. Give them five or ten minutes, and they can walk you through the basics and explain the differences in models and vapor liquid ­selection, helping you take the step you never thought you would take again. Your anxiety about quitting will go up in smoke.

    The idea is simple. There are three main pieces to the E-cig puzzle: a battery, a vaporizer tank and the liquid. Utilizing USB adapters, you can charge your E-cig battery anywhere you can charge a cell phone. Vaporizer tanks are comprised of a heating element and small tank that holds the nicotine liquid. This liquid, sometimes referred to as “E-juice,” comes in a variety of strengths and flavors.

    Flavors range from ­tobacco to watermelon and everything in between and are available in varying strengths of nicotine, from very strong to zero nicotine.

    The ultimate goal of most vapers is to eventually cut down on the nicotine level until they get to zero.

    To be sure, vaping is not the same as smoking. But, usually within a day or so, the smoker realizes the process is working. This – along with the epiphany that you do not smell like an ashtray anymore – helps keep you motivated to quit.

    So, what are you waiting for? Step inside True Vapors and take your first step toward kicking the habit of smoking. You can find True Vapors on the web at  

For more information, contact

True Vapors

11616 E. 86th St. N.
Owasso, OK 74055
(918) 376-4430

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