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Whatever you can imagine in stone for home or patio, Stone Mill Manufactured Stone can make.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2013

Susan Spring and Rae Young of Stone Mill Manufactured Stone.

Susan Spring and Rae Young of Stone Mill Manufactured Stone.

Stone Mill Manufactured Stone sprang to life at the beginning of 2009. In the past five years, the company’s manufacturing has outgrown existing facilities twice and has been forced to relocate to larger facilities, enabling co-­owners Susan Spring and Steve Koskey to increase product ­production and add a number of product options to their line. “It’s a great problem to have,” said Susan, “and we have been fortunate to find manufacturing space close by our main office and showroom on both occasions.”

    Stone Mill’s main office is located at 15 E. 151st St. in Bixby, where they have beautiful indoor and outdoor showrooms. When you visit the showrooms or the location of a completed ­project, you immediately realize the company’s dedication to ­providing the highest quality products available in manufactured stone. Both showrooms are loaded with projects that depict the variety of products and the multitude of colors available in emulating real stone. Stone Mill can also match the color of any existing stone or manufactured stone if the customer wishes to add on to an existing setting or duplicate a design in another area of their home or yard.

    Stone Mill’s innovative ­concrete building materials are designed to exceed customer expectations and add lasting ­value to any home or commercial project. “We don’t just make stone,” said Susan. “We ­manufacture pavers and other masonry pieces including wall caps, fireplace surrounds, and more.” The company also has custom mold capabilities. “We do a lot of residential work, both indoor and outdoor, for fireplaces,” said Rae Young. Stone Mill will provide you with a free estimate for a turnkey project or, if you desire, you can buy the materials direct from Stone Mill and do the work yourself.

    With the expansion of their product base and mold-making capabilities for pavers and ­masonry pieces, Stone Mill tripled sales last year. New items added to their product lines this past year included travertine tiles for fireplace surrounds and wall caps. With Stone Mill’s pavers, the sky’s the limit for color options, and pavers are available in limestone, slate and travertine styles. They also have a selection of ashlar products within the paver lines that permit various design patterns. Stone Mill also does custom design copings, the surrounding area around pools.

    Stone Mill Manufactured Stone is expanding distribution of their products by opening a second distribution center in Oklahoma City this year. They will then have two distribution locations in Oklahoma City and one in Springdale, Arkansas, and they have plans to expand distribution into other surrounding states this year. Stone Mill stands behind their products with a 50-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects when used on structures that conform to local building codes and when installed according to manufacturer instructions.

    Susan says they have just begun distribution of a fireplace kit specifically for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The kits are made by Stone Age Manufacturing and are available in multiple designs and sizes that enable do-it-yourselfers to build custom outdoor fireplace with options providing for the addition of a grill or brick oven.  

    Whatever you can imagine in stone for your home or patio, Stone Mill Manufactured Stone can make. Enhance your next project with manufactured stone from Stone Mill. Susan says, “You can do so at a fraction of the cost of real stone and ­estimates are always free.”

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