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Snoring Can Be a Danger Sign

Dr. Gene Drake and Dr. Jayson Voto are saving lives by screening and treating patients for sleep apnea and snoring.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: November 2013

Dr. Jayson Voto and Dr. Gene Drake welcome you to their Owasso dentistry practice.

Dr. Jayson Voto and Dr. Gene Drake welcome you to their Owasso dentistry practice.

Dr. Gene Drake and Dr. Jayson Voto from Drake & Voto Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Owasso aren’t your typical dentists. Although extremely familiar with crowns and bridges, cavities and ­cosmetics, this dental practice is redefining the dental ­industry, one snoring patient at a time. According to the Sleep Association, over 80 percent of people remain undiagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and it’s assumed more physicians would implement greater OSA screening protocols. Interestingly enough, dentists such as Dr. Drake and Dr. Voto are among the small group of practitioners stepping up to offer Oral Appliance Therapy to treat patients for snoring and sleep apnea.

    With the help of ­technology and dental ­continuing education courses, Dr. Drake and Dr. Voto have established a proper sleep protocol, which includes patient screening, home sleep testing, Oral Appliance Therapy, and the use of a ­special screening and titration technology called the Pharyngometer and the Rhinometer. “I’ve done the restorative part of dentistry for over 34 years, but treating obstructive sleep apnea, I can say I have changed people’s lives, and this is very ­rewarding to me,” says Dr. Drake.

    Dr. Drake made his first oral appliance years ago for a patient who was nervous to fly due to her heavy snoring. “I later found out from my training that I had treated her for obstructive sleep apnea. A few months later she came back in, and not only did we cure her snoring, but she was more rested in the morning, blood pressure was down, she lost a few pounds, and she felt better than she had in a long time due to a more ­restful night’s sleep.” Dr. Voto and Dr. Drake have been offering treatment ever since.

    Physical and mental manifestations of obstructive sleep apnea include weight gain, hormonal imbalances, headaches, inability to ­concentrate, depression, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, to name a few. Dr. Voto and Dr. Drake are using custom fabricated oral ­appliances to treat patients, which hold the mandible in place, allowing for oxygen to pass through without any obstructions or blockages. This technique is called Oral Appliance Therapy, and is a proven method of treatment, yielding high patient ­compliance rates.

    “I’m excited to be able to offer my help in treating such a serious and potentially life threatening condition. Not only can we improve a patient’s health, we can also greatly enhance their quality of life. People who are at risk should be tested. Our take home sleep test makes this process simple,” says Dr. Voto. If you snore, or have any of the symptoms listed, please call for an initial screening appointment.

    At Drake & Voto Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, the team will take singular care of you and your family during each and every visit. No ­matter what kind of cosmetic, preventive, or restorative ­dentistry you need, they aim to always go the extra mile for your smile.

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