Say 'Hello Garage' and Goodbye to Clutter

Open up the Possibilities for Your Garage

By: Lizz Barnhart | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: May 2023

Open sesame! No longer are renovated garage spaces reserved for high-end car enthusiasts, they rank as one of the most popular home improvement strategies. Tops on the “must-have” strategy list is upgrading your garage flooring. An attractive garage floor has a bigger impact on the space than you might think. Hello Garage of Tulsa, is your answer to the ‘right way’ to innovate your home’s garage as a more pleasurable and useful space.

Reimaging Your Garage Space

Hello Garage of Tulsa is locally owned and operated by Dan Knapp. His focus is to aid his clients in reimagining their garages so they can be more organized and used for more than storing vehicles and lawn equipment. Though Hello Garage of Tulsa is a local company, it’s part of the national Hello Garage franchise system, which means they offer some of the highest quality products in that category - including polyaspartic flooring and a variety of shelving, cabinet and storage solutions.

Hello Garage’s bread-and-butter is installing floor coatings that not only protect the concrete beneath, but also improve the look and feel of the garage. After researching various options, including epoxy, polyuria and polyurethane, the company settled on polyaspartic formulation that offers the best combination of beauty and durability. In fact, they’re so confident in its ability to outlast other products that they offer a lifetime warranty on their floors. For most two-car garages, a polyaspartic floor coating can be installed in about a day.

Declutter and Organize

When it comes to decluttering and organizing your garage space, Dan and his crew have you covered there, too. They offer commercial-grade welded-steel shelves and cabinets that look sleek and modern, and can stand up to the rigors of daily garage use. Their slatwall system also provides a way of organizing long and oddly shaped tools to free up floor space. Additionally, they offer a range of lifestyle accessories that can really tailor any garage to the owner.

It’s not just superior products that differentiate Hello Garage of Tulsa from other garage companies, it’s Dan’s and the Hello Garage franchise network’s sincere approach to the contractor-homeowner relationship. That’s because the guiding principle is to redefine the industry to make the customer experience “so remarkable you’ll want to tell your friends about it.” Together, they achieve this goal through rigorous training practices that ensure every employee is a suitable culture fit and expertly trained in their field.

Let’s expand on the idea of enhancing your garage’s functionality. Most people think of their garages as a parking and storage space. However, think about what you need or would really like. With a little bit of work and imagination, your garage can be a gym, dance studio, den, man cave, or rehearsal space. It can be a place for hobbies and crafts. It can even be a place for parties and other gatherings. To find out what your garage could be if you open up its possibilities, you can call Hello Garage of Tulsa to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation at their toll-free call center number 1-888-59-GARAGE (1-888-594-2724).

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