Patients Enjoy "New Life" with Wellness and Hormonal Balance

Michele Neil, D.O., offers a wellness-based program that educates and empowers patients to enjoy the best possible health at any age.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: February 2014

Dr. Michele Neil, founder of the Functional Medical Institute.

Dr. Michele Neil, founder of the Functional Medical Institute.

Michele L. Neil, D.O., offers a wellness-based approach to medical care that educates and empowers patients to enjoy the best possible health at any age. The Functional Medical Institute is not only a medical facility, but a physician-driven educational program that teaches patients how to stay well and out of the doctor’s office.  

    If the Funtcional Medical Institute in Tulsa seems unlike other medical clinics, that’s because it is. The approach is different and so are the results. Founding physician Dr. Michele L. Neil says that her approach to healing is to get to the root cause of the patient’s problems (which commonly occur in a person’s lifestyle). “We provide the knowledge, understanding and tools for the patient to heal and make the lifestyle changes necessary for the best possible outcome,” she explains.  

    A wellness-based approach adds a special flare in looking at nutrition, rest, exercise, stress management and hormone balance. “The emphasis on wellness and preventing disease by educating and empowering my patients brings me great satisfaction in the practice of medicine.”

    Dr. Neil, an internal medicine and sports medicine physician, explains her wellness approach. “I take an approach that looks at the whole individual and brings the entire body into balance. Once we achieve balance, we aim to keep it there, allowing for the most optimal and vital life one can lead.”

    Getting started in the process requires a medical work up with laboratory evaluation (onsite lab) and full physical examination, Inbody composition analysis, nutrition workshops and a 12-week lifestyle education program lead by Lori Lange. The lifestyle nutrition/wellness and coaching program is individualized for each patient. Individualization is another marker that sets the Functional Medical Institute apart.

    The Physicians Prescription for Nutrition, formulated by Dr. Neil, is comprehensive education for her patients. At least twice a month, Dr. Neil leads comprehensive health and wellness workshops that form the cornerstone of patient understanding and education about their health and the future their health holds. “Your health is your health insurance,” she adds. Dr. Neil believes that many of the chronic diseases can be prevented or even treated by simply the habits of lifestyle. In her nutrition lectures, her many topics include the harmful effects of the Standard American Diet, Hormone Imbalance, Gut Dysfunction, and Inflammation and Stress Management. Most doctors would agree that their patients should lead a healthy lifestyle. “At the Functional Medical Institute we teach patients how to do so.” That is what makes the difference.

    Dr. Neil not only takes an aggressive approach to lifestyle, but also addresses signs and symptoms of aging. Men go through andropause just like women go through menopause. “Many men and women approaching their 50s just don’t feel themselves anymore.” As hormones decline, things change. Dr. Neil uses a multidimensional approach to hormone replacement that once again is individualized. There are many types of replacement to include patches, pills, creams, injections and pellet implants. She is certified in Age Management Medicine and makes use of the BioTe pellet hormone implants. Although pellet therapy has been used successfully since the 1930’s it is just now making its way into Oklahoma.

    The Functional Medical Institute strives to meet the unique needs of each patient to balance and improve the quality of life they live.

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Functional Medical Institute

6048 S. Sheridan Rd.
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Functional Medical Institute

For more information, contact:

Functional Medical Insitute

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