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Conquer the Gauntlet brings world class strength and endurance challenge to Tulsa on August 22.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: August 2015

Conquer the Gauntlet Tulsa is a series of obstacle course challenges designed to push participants to their limits.

Conquer the Gauntlet Tulsa is a series of obstacle course challenges designed to push participants to their limits.

Do you have what it takes to conquer one of the most demanding obstacle courses around? Test your ability and endurance at Conquer the Gauntlet on August 22 at Tulsa Raceway Park.

Tulsa’s Conquer the Gauntlet course is 4.19 miles long and features 32 obstacles. Packing more obstacles than similar races, Conquer the Gauntlet is designed to push contestants beyond their perceived limits. The race brags, “Your arms will be burning, your legs will be shaking, your body will be telling you to quit.” This is not a race for the casual runner. Adequate physical and mental preparation is encouraged.

As one of only 17 US races which has been selected as an Obstacle Course Racing World Championship Qualifier, Conquer the Gauntlet serves as an entry gate for those in pursuit of world-class competition. The top 15 males and females in each age division automatically qualify for the OCR World Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio in October.

The race represents commitment, passion and a “can-do-it-yourself” attitude. A family-owned operation, Conquer the Gauntlet sets itself apart from more widely-known, multi-million dollar races by focusing on grueling obstacles and a simple, no-nonsense approach. Some of the obstacles are overtly intimidating, while others appear deceptively easy. All, however, will test the mettle of racers and provide entertainment for contestants and those cheering them on.

One such obstacle, dubbed Flying Flames, has racers leaping through fire. Another, Dead Man’s Drop, declares a conquer rate of only 39%. In this, Conquerors must traverse a 24-foot beam using only their hands. And if that isn’t enough challenge, there is a lane set on an incline for added difficulty! With a conquer rate of 12%, More Cowbell is a sixteen-foot rope climb to ring a cowbell. Unlike Dead man’s Drop, racers can use their feet and legs (it’s hard to imagine completing the climb, let alone without the aid of lower appendages!).

Other obstacles have better completion rates, yet still pose a significant challenge to strength and balance. Walk the Plank, for example, looks easy enough: a series of planks set up on inclines and declines – with nothing to hold on to. Such a feat on its own might be a straightforward, though thorough, test of coordination. But, inserted amongst intense strength-draining, mud-soaked obstacles, the stakes are raised!

Race registration, ironically, is the only thing that won’t push you to the brink – quite the opposite. A simple form makes signup a breeze. With no hidden fees, Conquer the Gauntlet prides itself for a “what you see is what you get” process. There are volunteer opportunities, too, which can earn one a free shot at the Gauntlet and a “backstage” experience. Group rates are available, as are discounts for active duty military and veterans. The registration deadline is Sunday, August 16. To register online, visit

Wave times begin at 8 a.m. and continue through 1 p.m. Racers are advised to check in one hour before their start time. Each participant receives a T-shirt and medal for finishing, a Conquer the Gauntlet water bottle, Boom energy gel and race day photos. So, what are you waiting for? You may think yourself tough, but do you have what it takes to Conquer the Gauntlet?

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