New Health Care Initiative: makeOKbetter

By: Mary Bransford | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: May 2016

The Oklahoma Hospital Association (OHA) today unveiled a new initiative, makeOKbetter, to broaden health care coverage under Insure Oklahoma.
Insure Oklahoma helps provide affordable health insurance to employees of small businesses and individuals without access to employer-sponsored health insurance.
“As the state goes through a budget crisis and economic downturn, OHA strongly supports taking back federal funds to inject new life into Oklahoma’s economy. By doing this, for each Oklahoma dollar invested with Insure Oklahoma, nine more will come back to the state,” said Craig Jones, president of OHA. “Right now, we are leaving money on the table.”
Building on Insure Oklahoma will:
•  Improve the health of working Oklahomans
•  Help keep rural hospitals open
•  Create 24,000 well-paying jobs
•  Keep doctors local
•  Help small businesses compete
“We’re in a health care crisis. I fear more doctors may leave the state, more Oklahoma hospitals may close, and many working Oklahomans will lose vital access to medical care,” said Jimmy Leopard, CEO, Wagoner Community Hospital, and OHA board chair. “Accepting federal funds will help prevent more rural communities from suffering the type of loss experienced recently in Sayre and will help rural hospitals transition into the future.”
To join the movement, OHA encourages Oklahomans to sign up at More information can also be found on Facebook at or Twitter at
About Oklahoma Hospital Association
Established in 1919, the Oklahoma Hospital Association represents more than 130 hospitals and health care entities across the state of Oklahoma. OHA’s primary objective is to promote the welfare of the public by leading and assisting its members in the provision of better health care and services for all people. Learn more at

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