Mother’s Day Gifts to Last a Lifetime

J. David Jewelry has a variety of beautiful pieces for all budgets.

By: Julie Alexander | Category: Gifts & Decor | Issue: May 2016

Joel Wiland, owner and founder of 
J. David Jewelry.

Joel Wiland, owner and founder of J. David Jewelry.

There are many ways to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day. Advertisements for chocolate-covered berries, floral delivery and perfume bombard the airways in the weeks leading up to the special day. But while these gifts will certainly be appreciated, jewelry is a gift mom can treasure for years to come. And J. David Jewelry offers a variety of unique items that won’t break the bank. “We emphasize it’s not about the money spent, it’s about the piece,” said Joel Wiland, owner of J. David Jewelry.
Since 1997, J. David Jewelry has offered locals excellent customer service along with the latest in jewelry design. Wiland, with his wife Kendra, started the jewelry business from their home in the early 90s, designing custom pieces and making repairs. Joel is no longer behind the “bench” creating custom pieces, and they no longer work from home, but Joel and Kendra Wiland remain the face of the family-run business and can be found working at the original Broken Arrow store and at their new store in Tulsa.
Although he now leaves the design and repair to J. David’s three full-time jewelers, Wiland stays atop the hottest trends in jewelry and offers popular brands that are not available elsewhere in Tulsa, alongside more traditional pieces like bridal sets, watches and statement jewelry.
Fashion-forward moms will be impressed with a gift from Alex and Ani. The line of stackable bracelets made with recycled metals start at just $28 and can be worn one at a time or mixed and matched to create a unique look. These hard-to-find bracelets feature charms and colorful beads and can only be found at J. David’s.
“These are really starting to pick up in Oklahoma,” said Landon Wiland, J. David’s marketing director, and son of the store’s founders. “On the coasts, when stores get a shipment of these, they are sold out immediately. What’s nice is you can wear one or multiple bracelets and really get a great look.”
Another hot item is Qalo bands. Made from medical grade silicon, these bands can be worn instead of the more traditional wedding band for those who don’t like to wear their band to the gym or work. Available in men’s and women’s styles in a variety of colors, the Qalo styles start at $16.
“I wear mine to the gym and around the house,” Landon said. “You can wear it on vacations. It’s a good back up ring. It’s basically rubber so if it gets caught on something it snaps, or if your hand swells up, you can cut it off and there is no great loss. It’s something small but it’s very useful.”
A more traditional mom may be impressed with the “100 inches of pearls.” This lengthy strand of pearls, offered for only around $100, can be worn in a variety of styles, even as a belt, Landon said.     And for those who can’t decide between diamonds and pearls, J. David’s has a solution: Diamond in a Pearl. The ultimate symbol of love, the Diamond in a Pearl is created by placing a diamond inside an oyster and letting nature take its course. When the pearl forms, it is removed and carefully carved out to reveal the diamond.
“It has a cool story with it,” Landon explained. “It’s the whole idea of a love story and how your love will grow through pain or obstacles you face; your love will grow more and more.”
From trendsetting to traditional, celebrate Mother’s Day with a treasure from J. David’s Jewelry. Hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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