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Draper Family GNC wants to help you get fit.

By: Mark Roe | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: August 2014

Robb Winn, regional sales manager for Draper Family GNC, seen here with the Draper Family’s best selling weight loss system, Embrace Elite.

Robb Winn, regional sales manager for Draper Family GNC, seen here with the Draper Family’s best selling weight loss system, Embrace Elite.

According to market research group, the weight loss industry in 2013 was valued at approximately 60.5 billion dollars.

With a dizzying array of products available to consumers, it is good to know there are companies like family operated Draper Family GNC available to not only supply the highest quality weight loss and body building supplements, but also offer a staff of highly trained professionals to help you get the most bang for your fitness buck.

Robb Winn is regional sales manager for Draper Family GNC. According to Winn, it takes more than just supplements to get in shape. “When someone walks through our door for the first time, we want to find out what that person’s goals are, and we want to do everything we can to help them meet those goals,” said Winn.

One way Draper Family GNC is ready to help their customers meet their goals is by offering certified fitness trainers at all of the companies locations.

According to Winn, “Everyone is looking for a magic pill that will make you lose weight, but the truth is, without a solid plan of healthy food choices and regular exercise, no product on the market is going to melt off the pounds.”

Winn said his staff is ready to create personal fitness plans for everyone who walks through the door. “We don’t want to just sell you a product, we want to help you get fit,” he said.

Winn said the willingness to go the extra step in helping their customers meet their fitness goals is what sets Draper Family GNC apart from the competition. “Our mission is to spread the Draper Family Difference. Our difference is a passion and a positive attitude,” he said.

“I’ve been with Draper Family GNC approximately six years,” said Winn. “I had an interest in health and fitness for several years prior to working here and really enjoyed helping people reach their fitness and health goals. I get the opportunity to do that daily with the customers that shop at our stores.”

Draper Family GNC was started in 1999 by Greg Draper. Winn said the company has grown to 13 franchise locations in Oklahoma, with two more stores to open in the near future. Draper’s daughter Crystal is general manager of the chain.

Draper Family GNC is a franchisee of the General Nutrition Corporation. “We are a GNC so we carry all the products a corporate GNC would carry, as well as products that are exclusive to us as a franchise or family operated GNC. One of those lines is called NDS, which is the maker of our very popular Flex Stack and Embrace Elite muscle building and weight loss lines,” said Winn.
    Winn said whether you want to lose weight or just improve your overall fitness, he and his dedicated staff invite you to be a part of the Draper Family GNC experience.

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