More Than a Transaction

By: RCB Bank | Category: Financial Services | Issue: September 2020

Don't be a Number

In today's world, it's easy to be one of many customers, but there is opportunity to be so much more. Community banks provide a perfect example. When choosing your bank, look for one that treats you like a member of the family.

I treat my customers as though they were a member of my family. If they are going through a rough time personally or financially, I show them empathy, dignity and respect. I listen to their story and try to match them with products and services that will make their life easier.” – Lisa Jones, RCB Bank Customer Customer Service Representative, Stillwater, OK

Look for a bank that supports your goals for you and your family, including your business. Your banking relationship should be partnership-minded.

We don’t work alone. We are part of a team that creates a total solution for businesses. Our job is to make your life easier. Trust and personal service are the foundation of everything we do. Our team will check in regularly with your business and do everything we can to support your success.” – Robinn Carr, RCB Bank Business Services, Lawrence, KS

You want a bank that cares about your community. When citizens thrive, communities thrive.

I like to familiarize myself with my customers, their needs and their life. I want to know how their kids are or what plans they have for the weekend. Building relationships and trust is all about paying attention to detail and genuinely caring about your customers.” – Autumn Smith, RCB Bank Teller, Wichita, KS

Opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of those RCB Bank employees listed above and meant for generic illustration purposes only. RCB Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and member FDIC. NMLS #798151.

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