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Mobilizing Quality Care

Safe Transport and Patient Handling Systems.

By: Amy Beth Dobbins | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: November 2017

Tristate Administrative Assistant, Danielle Knights, models the Iwalk® device.

Tristate Administrative Assistant, Danielle Knights, models the Iwalk® device.

Home health care affords loved ones unparalleled results.  Research reveals that remaining in the home with friends or family as caregivers extends not only the quality of life, but also the actual years of a patient, significantly.
Tristate Medical, a Tulsa business since 2003, specializes in safe transport and patient handling systems.  “That means we allow clients to be transferred in and around their homes when a medical condition has rendered them otherwise immobile—in and out of bed; to and from the toilet, storm shelters, easy chairs…”  Patients may be immobile due to a temporary condition—following surgery or a car accident—or they may be immobile due to a long-term condition—muscular dystrophy or aging. From temporary rehabilitation to a permanent need, Tristate is able to assess and accommodate a patient.
Once Tristate is contacted, a complimentary consultation and assessment in the home are scheduled. The level of care and equipment to meet the patient’s needs are determined. If a team of medical care providers is already in place, such as a physical and/or occupational therapist, Tristate works directly with the team members to design a care plan, and, effectively, equips the team with necessary medical equipment. Additionally, Tristate trains the team on the medical equipment that will serve as the primary in-home caregivers to the patient. It also services the equipment if issues arise, and quickly— repairs are typically completed within three to five business day.
The average cost to equip a loved one for in-home care ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. Compare that to average costs of $3,800 per month for an in-house nursing facility or $150-$300 per day for twenty-four hour in-home nursing care. Clearly, the financial savings is exponential over time. Though there are out-of-pocket expense in many cases, Tristate works diligently on behalf of its clients to find available resources and funding to defer costs as much as possible. Moreover, Tristate offers gently used equipment for lease or purchase to stretch its clients’ dollars.
“A client receives a dreaded diagnosis. He and his loved ones are fearful of the unknown future and overwhelmed about what to do. To lay out a plan that is financially viable and tangible…to help them overcome seemingly insurmountable tasks of daily life…it’s wonderful to bring that kind of peace and outlook,” explains Scott Sawyer, Owner and Sales Manager of Tristate, “That is extremely gratifying. We are helping people.”

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