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Licensed Massage Therapist Eva Norris loves helping better her clients’ lives through massage.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: November 2013

Eva Norris, owner of Eva’s Waterfall Retreat, with a relaxed client.

Eva Norris, owner of Eva’s Waterfall Retreat, with a relaxed client.

Bringing balance to the body, mind and soul for each ­person who walks through her door may seem like a lofty goal to achieve. But that is what local licensed Massage Therapist Eva Norris strives to accomplish every day. Eva is the owner of Eva’s Waterfall Retreat, located at 9382 E. Hwy. 20 in Claremore.

    Eva has been taking care of clients in the Rogers County area since 2001. A veteran in the spa and ­massage industry, she utilizes her years of experience to enhance the quality of life for all who visit her. When she first discovered massage years ago, she was instantly hooked, and it has been her life’s work ever since. “I love being able to help my clients live a better life,” she explains. “Although many think that getting a massage is simply a way to pamper your body, there are so many more health benefits than that.”

    The benefits of massage have been proven through the centuries. Just a few of these include: improved circulation, which helps eliminate toxins from your system; ­strengthening the ­musculoskeletal system; ­helping alleviate stress and tension; aiding in weight loss; and managing chronic pain.

    Eva uses several ­techniques during her ­sessions, including Shiatsu, Swedish and Oriental ­massage, and reflexology. “Many clients are surprised to find an increased boost in their energy level after seeing me. It’s certainly healthier than drinking energy drinks,” says Eva. Probably the most rewarding aspect of her ­business is when she is able to assist those who are suffering from chronic pain. “In essence, I help give them back a more normal life, and there is nothing better than that.”

    As a certified ­reflexologist, Eva explains that this therapy is good for everyone. The main trigger points on the human body are the hands, feet, and head. Using this natural means for stress relief is a time honored method. “Many cultures have used reflexology for ­thousands of years. It is ­amazing that our ancestors knew so much about ways to stay healthy without using medications,” says Eva.

    During a typical ­appointment, Eva will spend time consulting with her client, asking questions that will help her decide which treatment will give maximum results. Providing a ­customized session is crucial in making sure time spent is focused on achieving the best result. Migraine headaches, swelling of the feet and ankles, chronic pain and even digestive issues can be improved through the use of massage techniques. A few clients have come to see Eva as a last resort after years of doctor visits and medications that were not helpful in ­giving them relief. “I am always thrilled when I hear that someone has been able to achieve relief through natural means,” says Eva. “That is really a testament to how amazing the human body is; we have an uncanny ability to heal ourselves when we give it the right assistance.”

    Eva’s sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an entire day, depending on the treatments you choose. Eva also offers gift ­certificates, available for ­purchase either at the salon, or she can take your information over the phone and  email them to you. For a ­complete listing of ­services offered and pricing, simply log on to ­www.evaswaterfallretreat.com.

    Eva works by ­appointment only in order to spend time with her family including four children and four grandchildren, and she is proud to say that she has one more grandchild on the way. Her days to come in to her salon are typically Monday, Thursday, and Friday. She also works two Saturdays a month.

    She understands that some people are reluctant to have a massage because of fear of the unknown. Eva assures all of her clients that her top priority is for them to feel comfortable. “My clients range in age from 12 to 90. Some feel better keeping some clothing on while others are okay completely ­disrobing. It is always up to them, and I keep them ­covered with sheets at all times,” she states. “The best thing to do is just schedule an appointment and then we can decide what is best for you. Even if you come in for a 30 minute foot detox, you will reap the benefits and feel ­better and be healthier.”

    The final piece to the ­puzzle for living a healthier life is by giving our body proper nutrition. Eva sells Limu nutritional supplements at her business, and she is happy to show you each one to see if they would benefit you. These products have been featured on many national programs including the Dr. Oz Show and Oprah.

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