It’s Time to Draw a Line in the Sand

Don’t put off getting fit and healthy any longer.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: March 2013

Chad Gerstmeyer, owner of Optimal Fitness.

Chad Gerstmeyer, owner of Optimal Fitness.

These days, fitness centers can be seen all over, each trying to get your attention with hopes of gaining you as a member. How are you supposed to know which is the right one for you?

    In the middle of all this white noise, one facility seems to have figured out how to stay successful – simple word of mouth.

    Optimal Fitness, located at 8243 N. Owasso Expy., is Owasso’s largest true 24/7/365 fitness facility, with no contract and a positive atmosphere sure to get you looking forward to ­working out. Owner Chad Gerstmeyer was actually a member at this facility when he found out it was for sale. Desiring a change in his own life, and worn out from the corporate rat race, he saw a chance to make a ­positive difference in people’s lives by helping them reach their fitness goals and adopt healthier lifestyles.

    “I had spent 12 years at my last job watching people walking in grumpy, overweight, and unhappy with their life, and there was nothing I could do for them other than say hello and give them great customer service,” explains Chad. “Once they walked out the door, they were back to being miserable. I wanted to really help people make a ­difference in their lives by giving them a means to reduce stress and feel better about themselves. This was the perfect opportunity for me.”

    That attention to his clients has helped make Optimal Fitness a premiere facility in Owasso, and you can feel the difference the minute you walk in the door. They have over 200 pieces of workout equipment, a full line of cardio equipment by Precor, a separate men’s and women’s dry sauna, locker rooms with ­showers, a tanning bed, which is free to use with membership, ­personal trainers and much more. But that isn’t what you will notice when you walk in.

    Optimal Fitness has an ­energy inside that is hard to describe, impossible to duplicate and completely addictive to ­everyone who walks in the door. Chad is personally engaged with every one of his members, taking a particular interest in their ­fitness goals and always working with them so they can achieve their desired results.

    Chad explains that every ­single person is there because they want to improve themselves. They are all working towards a better life, and he believes that it is his calling to create a facility where people can go to get rid of stress and gain a balance in life. “I always try to make fitness a fun part of every day for them. I work with each individual’s lifestyle and schedule and show them that anyone can carve out a few times a week in order to be healthier,” states Chad. “And once they see the difference a healthy lifestyle makes in their lives, they can’t imagine why they didn’t begin sooner. It helps them gain control over all other areas of their life when they learn to create a balance.”

    The toughest part, according to Chad, is making the decision. “I tell them that they just need to draw a line in the sand and decide that they are not going to accept a mediocre life anymore. They have to step across the line and create a superior, longer life for themselves and those that love them. It’s just that simple.”

    In addition to all the terrific equipment and outstanding ­facilities, Optimal Fitness is a great place to get your nutritional supplements. The nutrition industry is huge and can certainly be overwhelming. It helps to have a knowledgeable person helping with your decisions.

    Now is the time to take action – to draw your own line in the sand and make the decision to join the Optimal Fitness ­family.

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