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David Merriman Insurance Agency – State Farm Insurance can help small business owners with all of their insurance needs.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Financial Services | Issue: February 2013

David Merriman is happy to help small business owners with their insurance questions and concerns.

David Merriman is happy to help small business owners with their insurance questions and concerns.

There is an old Native American proverb that says, “Never ­criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.” This saying is often used in ­reference to blame or judgment, but it can also be applied to the areas of empathy and understanding. Simply put: a person who has “been there” can better help navigate someone through a challenging or difficult ­situation than one who has not.

    That’s why David Merriman and his team at David Merriman Insurance Agency – State Farm Insurance is the perfect choice for all your small business ­insurance needs. “I feel I have an understanding of small ­business owners with regards to employee benefits, payroll, ­insurance and more, because I am a small ­business owner myself,” says David. “I can ­discuss business owners’ worries and truly ­understand things they experience on a daily basis – and also help them with products and services that State Farm offers.”

    When approached by small business owners, David first helps them identify their goals and needs by asking questions about what is most important to them, both today and in the future. He then will help them assess their existing policies and products, to see how well those products are fulfilling their goals. David feels it is very important to evaluate each ­product in relation to the other, because sometimes clients will have too much coverage in some areas and not enough in others – or even no coverage in some areas at all. It is also important to assess the state of the ­business owner’s assets, ­liabilities and income in order to make better decisions on needed products and help the client with protection, growth and management of their assets. Through this discussion, David is able to assess gaps in coverage and suggest ways to fill those gaps, encourage the client to set priorities in both needs and goals, and help the client come up with a plan of action that will help him or her move toward successful fulfillment of ­insurance and business goals.

    David explains that many companies like to have all their policies with one company because it makes things much simpler and helps things run more smoothly. Small businesses carry policies like general ­liability, workers’ compensation, employer practices liability, ­commercial auto, and retirement planning as an employee benefit. By visiting with one of David Merriman’s insurance agents, business owners can be sure they are hearing the voice of ­experience, from someone who has truly walked in his or her shoes. “We talk commercial business insurance every day in our office, because we have to deal with that issue ourselves,” says David. “And we talk to ­individual clients about their occupations, so we are able to identify the areas in which we can help.”

    David relates that often small business clients are so ­happy with how his agency and State Farm fulfills their business needs, they often extend the relationship into their personal insurance needs as well. “If I can help a client with his or her small business insurance needs, I might even be able to help with their personal policies as well, like home, life and auto,” he says.

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