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How Healthy Are You?

A healthy body is one of the firm foundations of a productive life

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: November 2009

Terri Smith, Lynné Ray and Shannon Parsons invite you to become a part of their team and introduce others to a healthier life.

When Thanksgiving arrives, many people are called upon to openly share what they are most thankful for, and chances are many will mention good health. A healthy body is one of the firm foundations of a productive life – but many of us do not truly know how to obtain optimum health because we don’t know what our bodies actually need.

“You have to be smart and plan your future; everyone needs to be more proactive and preventive when it comes to their health," says Terri Smith, long-time Owasso resident and mother of four. Terri is an Independent Marketer in The Trump Network, along with her friends Lynné Ray and Shannon Parsons. The three ladies shared a common bond of interest in good nutrition, because all had encountered major health crises in their families and had become interested in preventative, rather than just curative, measures.

The Trump Network's revolutionary PrivaTest eliminates the guesswork and confusion from personal supplementation, according to Terri. The simple in-home test scientifically answers what you need to know about what vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients your body needs every day.

PrivaTest is the cornerstone product of The Trump Network and was formerly only available to Olympians, professional athletes and the affluent. According to Lynné, people often assume a blood test is the best avenue for testing metabolic function, but, she says, “A blood test only shows what is in your blood at the time of the test. A urinalysis tests at the cellular level to show how your body is metabolizing the nutrients you are taking in.”

All three ladies used the PrivaTest and each received her own personal profile and customized vitamin packet from The Trump Network. Shannon, for instance, found her liver wasn’t properly metabolizing, so her packet included the herb silymarin, which is shown to protect and help the liver. “Without this test, I wouldn’t have known this,” says Shannon.  “Knowing exactly what your body needs is important – it’s not one size fits all.”

Once you find out what your body needs, why not just buy vitamins from the drugstore? Shannon, Lynné, and Terri point out that there are some great differences in the customized vitamin packet you receive from The Trump Network. The vitamins are not stocked on shelves; they are made fresh and shipped straight to your home. They are cold pressed to retain nutrients, whole food based, highly chelated (processed for better absorption) and pharmaceutical grade – which means they are 95 percent absorbable, as opposed to the norm of 25 percent absorbability of over-the-counter vitamins.

For these ladies, the choice was easy – and for all three, the bonus income was secondary to health concerns. Shannon’s father is diabetic, and her sister has several auto immune diseases. “I told my family I first and foremost wanted them to be healthy. Extra income was just a bonus.” Terri lost her father to cancer and had spent six months losing 30 pounds, so she was interested in improving the overall health of herself and her family as well.

Lynné, who lost both her mother and sister to cancer, has always loved reading and studying about nutrition. In May, her aunt came to Oklahoma and introduced her to the benefits of taking a PrivaTest and having customized vitamins and supplements. Lynné then spent a month researching and says that, at the end, “The lightbulb went on that this was the missing link in knowing exactly what to take, the exact amounts needed, and knowing that your body is processing and detoxifying properly.”

If you are interested in joining Shannon, Terri and Lynné on their quest for better health, or to find out more about The Trump Network’s array of organic, healthy products, call Shannon Parsons at (918) 691-7329.

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Shannon Parsons

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