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Hair Clarity

You can find the perfect style, color or cut in the hands of Heather Buffington.

By: Christy Means-Smith | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: April 2007

Heather Buffington

The process of choosing a hair stylist to best suit your needs can be a trying experience. While many people rely on the recommendations of family and friends for experienced hairstylists, others look for a clean, pleasing salon with a good reputation. Heather Buffington, now located at the Sun-sations Salon in Tulsa, has been in the hair care business for over 20 years and can meet the needs of just about any client.

Heather specializes in classic and trendy hair styles and consults people looking to change their styles. Tulsa born and raised, Heather formerly ran her own salon. “I chose to relocate to Sunsations because of its nice, upscale environment,” says Heather. “I have a private room, which provides for more personalized service. Clients don’t have to worry about having their hair done in front of everyone, which is important to me and my clients.”

Hair and skin products, as well as low-priced clothing, are available in Heather’s space. She uses and sells PureOlogy products for hair, Arbonne products for the skin, and she sells clothes she has personally selected.

PureOlogy is favored by Heather because the products are not tested on animals and are earth-friendly. Every product in the line contains 100 percent vegan ingredients. Heather appreciates the quality of the product and the fact that a full hair care line is available: shampoo, conditioner, hydration and volumizing systems, stylers and more.

Heather has also taken on the role as an Arbonne Independent Skin Care Consultant. “I have been using the products for over 10 years now, and I love them,” Heather said. “I was inspired to join the Arbonne team because I enjoy being surrounded by the dynamic, energetic people involved with the products. I’m also glad to meet new people and offer them the exciting opportunity to use Arbonne products,” says Buffington. Arbonne is a distinguished name in the skin care business, and it offers a complete line of moisturizers, creams, anti-aging products, baby skin care, aromatherapy, makeup, cellulite systems and much more.

With eyebrow shaping now trendier than ever, Heather has embraced the fad by also providing the service to her clients. Using the Eyebrows by Anastasia kit, she offers beautifully-shaped brows to dramatically highlight clients’ faces. Of thousands of eyebrow treatments tested, Elle Magazine has chosen this brow-shaping method as one of the most favored.

“I absolutely love doing eyebrows,” says Heather. “This method, which includes stencils for outlining and powder and gel brow enhancing products, is used by top celebrity beauty consultants. People wait for weeks for an appointment with a salon in Beverly Hills that uses Eyebrows by Anastasia, and now you can get it done in Tulsa without the wait.”

If you need a new style for a special event, it is best to schedule with Heather a week or two in advance. It is important that a new haircut has time to relax. The client also needs time to learn how to work with it.

“I am very detail-oriented, and I really like the feeling of giving the perfect haircut or color,” states Heather. “I take pleasure in meeting new people and continuing to work with them on an ongoing basis.”

Heather is located inside Sunsations at 6532 E. 71st St. on the southeast side of 71st. For more information or for an appointment, call Heather Buffington at (918) 645-6177.

For more information, contact

Heather Buffington

6532 E. 71st St., Tulsa, OK
(918) 645-6177

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Heather Buffington, Hairstylist

For more information, contact:

Heather Buffington, Hairstylist

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