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Go for the Gold

New customers at Tulsa Gold & Gems are always pre-approved for special zero percent interest loan.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Financial Services | Issue: November 2013

Spencer and E.W. Fisher, owners of Tulsa Gold & Gems.

Spencer and E.W. Fisher, owners of Tulsa Gold & Gems.

With a reputation built on nearly 30 years of providing the best customer service for gold and jewelry purchasing and loans, Tulsa Gold & Gems is the number one dealer of ­precious metals in Tulsa, if not Oklahoma.

    A licensed pawn broker and approved to deal in ­precious metals, Tulsa Gold & Gems not only pays top dollar, but they also offer great rates on loans for ­customers looking to use their jewelry as collateral. So, whether you need some extra cash for the upcoming ­holidays or are considering a short term investment in the stock market, be sure to stop in at their only location, 91st and Yale.  

    Tulsa Gold & Gems offers an introductory interest-free 60 day loan for amounts up to $25,000. And, if you need to extend the loan beyond the initial 60 days, you have the option to set up a traditional loan; interest is due monthly until paid back. This means that new ­customers can obtain a loan without paying interest for up to 90 days.

    Because Tulsa Gold & Gems is a collateral lender, there is no credit check, no employment check and, most importantly, no nonsense. If you need money fast, then drop by Tulsa Gold & Gems.

    Acceptable forms of ­collateral include gold, silver, platinum, jewelry (broken or good condition), diamonds. If your jewelry is created by a popular company, like Rolex or Tiffany for example, you would of course be paid a premium over just the scrap value of the piece. Tulsa Gold & Gems has earned a reputation for fairness and transparency, paying for the exact purity of your jewelry. With a website that features easy-to-read, ­up-to-the-minute rates on gold values, you can rest easy you are getting a fair deal. The website also has a gold ­calculator to help you with the process. These are the same rates and calculators that staff uses. And because staff is not paid commission, no one is motivated to ­undervalue your jewelry or diamonds.

    Transparency is a ­fundamental to doing ­business at Tulsa Gold & Gems. Specialists will assay your jewelry right in front of you using high end spectrometers to analyze the purity of the metal substance. Customers have said, "It's like watching a science lab in action." This is just one more way the company is unique. “Some buyers use an acid test to assess purity, but this does not always give an accurate reading of purity – especially if you have high quality gold. That isn’t testing, it’s ­guessing. We pay at every increment of purity between eight and 24 karats, and that isn’t something others can accurately claim,” Fisher says. “We don’t guess. We have invested in the technology to give scientific readings of purity, and we pay based on those readings.”

    This no-nonsense approach to business extends beyond the counter. Tulsa Gold & Gems values the ­safety and security of their customers. A Tulsa police ­officer greets everyone at the door and directs them to the proper office (upstairs for gold/jewelry assessments, downstairs for the loan department). Upon ­verification of business, ­customers are allowed entry by staff into either suite. Lobbies are clean, with seating and televisions to keep children occupied and up-to-the-minute updates on payout prices and values.

    Most transactions only take about ten minutes. So, whether you are bringing ­children along or have ­business to attend to quickly, you can rely on a swift and ­professional experience every time you walk into Tulsa Gold & Gems. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and pay more than anyone else in the nation for gold.

    Business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

For more information, contact

Tulsa Gold & Gems

9014 S. Yale Ave. #200Tulsa, OK 74137(918) 

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