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Eyeglass wearers often deal with frustrating issues such as pinching and pain caused by glasses, but Precision Optical will help you get the correct frames and fit the first time.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: February 2013

George Dakil of Precision Optical in Broken Arrow.

George Dakil of Precision Optical in Broken Arrow.

If you wear glasses, you have probably experienced one or more of the annoying problems that you may have assumed just went with the territory of wearing glasses. You might have endured pain and rubbing on and behind the ears, on the bridge of the nose, or on the cheeks. According to George Dakil of Precision Optical in Broken Arrow, these are all signs of poorly fitting glasses—something that can be remedied by choosing the right frames in the first place. “You will be uncomfortable if your frames do not fit correctly,” says Dakil. “We want you to get the right fit, the first time.”

    When it comes to any type of glasses, whether prescription or sunglasses, proper fit is George Dakil’s commitment and specialty. When you enter his showroom, you are never rushed, and you go through what he describes as a “building process.”

    First, he guides you through the myriad of designer frame choices in his showroom, ­including popular names such as Caviar, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Wiley X, Tura, Ted Baker, Lulu Guinness, Hugo Boss, Cover Girl, Vogue, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Dana Buchman, Ray Ban, and Revolution. While you examine these ­choices, he discusses your unique facial features and head shape in regards to what frame would best compliment your appearance as well as provide the most comfort. Once the frames have been chosen, he then adjusts and aligns the ear and nose pieces to prevent slippage and pinching. He also replaces factory pads with soft silicon pads of the proper size.

    With this step complete, it is time to discuss the most ­important aspect of any pair of glasses – the lenses. Precision Optical is committed to ­providing the latest innovations in lenses, with choices from Seiko, Essilor, Younger, Melibrad, Optima, Shamir, Kodak, Kodak Unique, Vision Ease and Varilux. He is ­especially excited about offering Perfas lenses, now available from Seiko. With this technology, the prescription can be put into the back of the lens, which provides the progressive lens wearer with much wider visual fields. Dakil correlates this to the keyhole effect.“The closer your eye gets to the keyhole, the better you can see through it,” he says. “This is really ­revolutionary.”

    Another option Dakil ­recommends for sun lenses is Nupolar polarized lenses. These lenses help to block blinding glare from the sun by utilizing a filter that acts like invisible Venetian blinds. “Come in for a free demonstration,” says Dakil.

    For the ultimate in flexibility while driving, he recommends the polarized DriveWear lenses. These lenses react to different weather and light conditions and have a high light transmission in their unactivated state. They are great for folks who want the glare gone, but don’t want a lot of dark.

    These types of lenses block one hundred percent of UVA and UVB radiation rays. Not only are they good for the eye, which is susceptible to harmful rays, but they can help the ­wearer to avoid accidents ­sometimes caused when bright light impairs vision. It is possible that these lenses can be utilized for safer nighttime driving vision where the driver is negatively affected by the glare from xenon and halogen headlights. “Only polarized lenses will block the harsh glare from water, concrete highways, car hoods and ­windshields,” says Dakil. “A pair of quality polarized glasses or ­sunglasses is much less costly than a car accident.”

    Precision Optical offers ­several popular sunglass frame lines, including Maui Jim, or Dakil can polarize your ­prescription and place it into any frame of your choice.

    He can also make sleek-looking OSHA-approved Z87 safety eyewear utilizing the Wiley X product line. “This ­eyewear is currently being worn by NASCAR drivers Denny Hamlin, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth, as well as fishermen including Skeet Reese,” adds Dakil. These Wiley X glasses are great for ­people on motorcycles and boats, for hunters, and for shooters at target practice. They are impact resistant and feature a facial ­cavity seal that keeps dust, dirt, smoke, wind and debris out of the eyes. The seal is removable, and glasses can go from a goggle fit to sunglasses in a snap.  

    If you are ready to enhance your glasses wearing experience with quality frames, fit and ­service, be sure to visit Precision Optical in Broken Arrow, where George Dakil is ready to guide you through every step of the process to a perfect fit.Frame ­soldering, repairs, and ­adjustments are also available. 

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