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The area’s fourth Draper family GNC is now open at 71st & Memorial.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: October 2011

Tulsa regional Sales Manager Robb Winn oversees the four Draper family GNC stores located in Tulsa, Owasso and Broken Arrow.

Tulsa regional Sales Manager Robb Winn oversees the four Draper family GNC stores located in Tulsa, Owasso and Broken Arrow.

In September, the fourth Draper family GNC in the area opened at 8115 E. 71st St. in Tulsa. “We feel there is a big difference in our stores ­compared to other supplement outlets,” says Tulsa region Sales Manager Robb Winn. “In ­addition to everyday low pricing for quality supplements to aid in diet, exercise and general health, we offer services above and beyond what customers expect when they first visit one of our locations.”

Robb explains that he and his sales staff offer free advice on supplements, diet and exercise goals. “We have the finest products available, and we genuinely want to take care of our customers in every way possible to help them attain their health and fitness goals. Check us out and you’ll discover the difference, even with multivitamins.”

In addition to the newest store at 71st and Memorial, the other Draper-owned GNC stores in the area include Tulsa Hills (Highway 75 and 71st Street), Broken Arrow (Highway 51 and Lynn Lane), and Owasso (Highway 169 and 96th Street North). The Owasso GNC store recently moved to the Smith Farm Center for the convenience of area residents, and is under new management.

All Draper GNC stores have knowledgeable certified personal trainers on staff who will gladly discuss your objectives with you, whether it is for general health, to gain muscle, or to lose weight. GNC employees want to help you make lifestyle changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life, regardless of age or ­current condition. “It’s never too late to begin improving your health,” says Robb.

Counseling is free to assist you in setting up your personal supplement program, a diet ­tailored to meet your needs, ­suggested exercises, and where you can go for assistance with a fitness program. With all the interaction GNC has with their customers, it’s no wonder they get a lot of new customers through referrals.

From scientific research and new product discovery to manufacturing and packaging processes, everything GNC does is with rigorous quality. Before any GNC product reaches a ­single customer, you can be sure it has passed the highest standards of quality checks. Just a few include raw material testing to assure authentic ingredients, purity testing to determine the purity of raw ingredients, friability testing to ensure that the product will not become powdery or break during packaging or shipping, and potency testing to confirm that the potency meets the claim on the label. Additional quality checks include weight, packaging, NSF certification, unique lot number assignments for tracking ­purposes, and expiration checks to verify that the product is fresh and will maintain its ­effectiveness through the best-by date indicator.

In addition to GNC ­products, all Draper family GNCs carry lines of other ­products that are doctor ­recommended. One of these is NDSTM EMBRACETM, a six-week weight loss program that utilizes three EMBRACE ­products – Intensify®, Censor®, and DetoxTM. A few healthy dieting tips include avoiding skipping meals, consuming ­protein, dedicating time for eating, drinking plenty of water, and increasing your fiber intake.  

Is it time you started thinking about getting on the wagon to improved health? Robb Winn and the Draper family GNC sales professionals are eager to serve you and help you map out your personal plan for success.


For more information, contact


 Broken Arrow

Hwy. 51 & Lynn Lane
(918) 355-0245

 Tulsa Hills

Hwy. 75 & 71st
(918) 447-1555

 Smith Farm Market Place

Hwy. 169 & 96th St. N., Owasso
(918) 274-4345


71st & Memorial
(918) 728-8381

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