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American Central Corp General Contractors have been serving all of Central and Eastern Oklahoma for more than 30 years.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: May 2016

Joe Esser is the Owner of American Central Corp.  
The company specializes in residential and commercial 
contract services including roofing, concrete, siding, 
windows and more.

Joe Esser is the Owner of American Central Corp. The company specializes in residential and commercial contract services including roofing, concrete, siding, windows and more.

Joe Esser has over 30 years in the building business.  He started American Central Corp in 2009 as a general contractor specializing in residential and commercial services in northeast, southeast and central Oklahoma.  Joe has been in the construction business since he was a kid working with his father who was a general contractor specializing in high-end homes.  Joe admits is a perfectionist, not a bad trait when you’re looking for someone to work on your home or business.
American Central specializes in roofing and roof repairs including metal and asphalt shingles, wood, vinyl and cement fiber siding, windows, guttering, insulation, decks, asphalt and concrete work.  Joe has a special place in his heart for seniors.  “Our company has done a lot of work for seniors over the years and our appreciation seems to be mutual,” Joe proudly said.  They seem to like Joe and place a high value on his work.  “I’ve received calls more than once after completing a project asking me to stop by and pick up a little appreciation gift in the form of a homemade pie or other treat.  I must admit,” Joe says, “I’m not above taking bribes!”
This is storm season in Oklahoma and roofs seem to be highly targeted by hail, tornadoes and high winds.  “Many of the folks who contact us just want their damaged roof replaced,” says Joe, “but there is more that needs to be considered than just a replacement.  We really emphasize checking out the substructure.  Rafters can crack or break under the attack of a storm and even from a home settling over many years.”  American Central wants to ensure everything is up to specs structurally before they begin laying new shingles.  “Like everything else, there are good—and not so good—shingles on the market.  We want to make sure you get the right one for your repair or replacement.”  
Joe and his team will also inspect the attic for proper ventilation to make sure it is adequately removing damaging heat and moisture.  If they find there is no ventilation system in place or that the one you have is not properly doing its job, a recommendation for box vents, ridge vents or power vents will be made.  Roof style dictates the vent that will best ventilate your attic.  There is no charge for the inspection and any recommendations will be outlined in your free estimate.
When hail or wind storms damage your roof, call American Central Corp General Contractors. They offer FREE roof inspections, cost estimates, and will represent you in your insurance claim.  And ask about their financing plan.

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