Companies Can Go Nuts Over Corporate Gifts

The Nut House in Verdigris offers several options for both personal and corporate gifts for this holiday season.

By: Cassie Woods | Category: Retail | Issue: November 2012

Hazel Ward shows off one of the great Oklahoma-themed corporate gift baskets available at The Nut House.

Hazel Ward shows off one of the great Oklahoma-themed corporate gift baskets available at The Nut House.

The Nut House first opened over 40 years ago selling only native pecans. Since that time, the ­business has grown to serve ­individual customers and ­businesses with nuts, sauces, ­jellies, candies and gifts. As the ­holidays approach, the staff at The Nut House is preparing for the season of corporate gift giving.

    Corporate gifts are similar but somewhat enlarged versions of personal gifts. Items offered to recipients by an organization are meant to serve as an expression of appreciation and goodwill.  

    As the corporate gift industry has grown, The Nut House has worked to establish itself as a great option in this niche ­market. Local companies that may be shipping to clients in other states often enjoy sending items that represent Oklahoma. The Nut House can fill this need with its Made In Oklahoma items and the popular Oklahoma-shaped basket. Typically, corporate gifts from The Nut House range in price from $25 to $75, but they have done larger baskets up to $150.  

    “It really depends on how much you want to spend and what kind of items you want, and of course how many people you’re buying gifts for,” said Hazel Ward, The Nut House owner. “The more we buy, the deeper the discount we can get and we are able to pass that ­savings on to our corporate ­customers who buy several gifts.”

    If presentation is the most important part of your company’s gift, The Nut House staff can help you pick a nice basket or box and build up from there. There is no minimum order, but planning ahead is key, as the selection is best earlier in the season.

    “The sooner you know you’re going to do something, the better the selection you are going to have. We prefer to help companies put their gifts together with what they like rather than what’s left in stock. The more lead time you can give us, the more flexible we can be,” said Hazel.      

    A company interested in working with The Nut House to develop their gifts simply needs to call with a price range, and any specific requests and the employees there can do the rest. If the gifts are to be shipped, providing The Nut House with a list of addresses will insure that your gifts are properly packaged and mailed in time to be received by the date of your choice.  

    “If a client doesn’t have any specific requests, we can direct them to which items may best fit their needs,” said Hazel. “Not everything can survive a trip across the country and still look nice when the box is opened. We can offer suggestions to our clients on which items are going to send well.”

    Cracked pecans are still one of The Nut House’s more ­popular gift items. And they always have them available this time of year. After the pecans are cracked, they can be packaged in burlap bags and dressed up with holiday ribbons to be given on their own, or placed in a gift basket with other items. Fudge is always a best seller at The Nut House during the ­holiday season. It is great for a dessert tray at a company holiday party, but also makes an excellent gift option. Because the temperatures are low enough this time of year, fudge also ships nicely.

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