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Republican Candidate Carl Parson is confident in bid for State Representative.

By: Erica Ludwig | Category: Professional Services | Issue: June 2016

Inola Portable Buildings Founder/Owner Carl Parson is running strong in his race for Oklahoma State Representative.

Inola Portable Buildings Founder/Owner Carl Parson is running strong in his race for Oklahoma State Representative.

Republican Carl Parson is owner and founder of Inola Portable Buildings & Pole Barns and feels confident in his bid for District 8 Oklahoma State Representative. Founded in 1999, Inola Portable Buildings is a staple in the Inola community. Carl grew up knowing the value of hard work and the meaning of building a life from the ground up. When Carl was only four years old, his father was killed in a car accident, leaving his wife and children behind. Times were tough and the family had difficulty making ends meet. “During those years, my mother taught me the valuable lesson that the way out of poverty was to work your way out,” said Carl. And this he did.
At age 11, Carl got his first job delivering newspapers in a rough Oklahoma City neighborhood. He walked 34 blocks each day delivering the route and returning home. “I would have been scared walking that neighborhood,” said Carl, “if not for Midnight, my black lab, and a Cocker Spaniel that joined us every day. With my guardian dogs, I was never afraid.”
From its inception, Carl has run his small business completely debt free. “I believe there are three foundations necessary for a community to thrive: Biblical principles, a strong education system and individual freedoms,” said Carl. “I know the value of a paycheck and believe in using taxpayer money to build our great state, not tear down freedoms.” Carl said the Oklahoma Constitution is built upon the phrase “Invoking the guidance of Almighty God” and that we must reinforce our moral foundation by protecting life, legislating morally, and electing leaders who automatically vote for God. Carl supports the State’s authority and right to determine Oklahoma’s direction. He is a believer and supporter of the 2nd and 10th Amendments.
Carl and his wife Linda have been married 37 years, building strong foundations for their three children and five grandchildren. These are the structural values of family, faith and freedom that Carl intends to protect as State Representative for Oklahoma House District 8. Parson is beloved by his community and it shows. The businessman has endorsements from the State Chamber of Oklahoma’s “We Mean Business” PAC.
“Carl Parson will be a champion for Oklahoma businesses. He will support meaninful reforms that help to create quality jobs and opportunities for hardworking Oklahomans. Carl Parson understands the issues facing Oklahoma businesses and has the experience needed to lead on these issues,” said Chair Fred S. Morgan and Treasurer Jonathan D. Buxton.
Parson is also endorsed by Mike Ritze, Oklahoma State Representative, District 80.
“I have known Carl for 35 years as a man of high integrity, faith and family values. He is a strong conservative who will uphold his oath to the Oklahoma and U.S. Constitutions. It is without reservation that I recommend him to be the next State Representative for House District 8,” Ritze said.
Election Day is June 28th.  Every issue is important and your vote will make a difference.

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Carl Parson for State Representative

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Carl Parson for State House District 8

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30355 S 4230 Rd | Inola, OK 74036
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