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Merry Summer Savings Celebration

Now, more than ever, we all need something to celebrate!  At BA Med Spa, it’s the 10th annual Christmas in July! ... Read more »

Dish It Out

I can’t believe we’ve already made it through half of 2020! Summer made its debut quickly, after one of the most beautiful spring seasons we’ve ever seen. ... Read more »

Oklahoma's Mysterious Mansions

When viewing homes today, individuals can drive through subdivisions and see houses showcasing a cookie-cutter look.  They all seem to have similar designs displayi…... Read more »

Grocery Giveaway to Those in Need

With so many struggling on a fixed income and suffering from the economic effects of the pandemic, a local youth group is trying to touch lives in a positive way and make a difference. ... Read more »

Oklahoma Performing ARTs Holds Allenato Auditions

OPA is here to serve, and to provide a place of continuity and joy. Empowering our children and our community through the performing ARTs (Music, Acting and Dance). ... Read more »

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