Changing Lives through Early Music Education

Under the Shadow offers music sponsorships for children of financially challenged families.

By: Lou Cleland | Category: Education | Issue: February 2013

Middle school aged children performing outdoors.

Middle school aged children performing outdoors.

Under The Shadow Education International Foundation (UTSEIF) is a public charitable educational non-profit ­organization created in 2010 for the promotion of early ­childhood music education for financially challenged families who have young children, 3 to 9 years of age, who desire to study a musical instrument in Tulsa County. These recipients are chosen through an application process and may receive a ­sponsorship for lessons and or instruments. We presently have two sponsored students through the Tulsa Child Music Sponsorship (TCMS) program. These sponsorships are ­supported by donations which are tax-deductible. We need sponsors, and anyone can become a sponsor and help ­musically affect, train and inspire a young child’s life. A Sponsor’s Form may be found at Every penny goes to the training of the sponsored student.

    This year we are adding a Summer Camp Music Sponsorship (SCMS), which will provide a partial sponsorship (without audition) to public and private study student musicians in grades 6 through 8. The goal is to increase musical experience, theory, private instruction and performance opportunities for musically enthusiastic but ­financially challenged students, through a summer camp ­experience of their choice. These summer camp sponsorships are available to students who live in Tulsa County.

    Through several decades of study concerning the effects of early childhood musical ­education in children, it has been found that there are above normal improvements in ­problem solving, discipline, ­ability to focus, motor skills, ­cognitive development, spatial-temporal reasoning abilities, memory, artistic sensitivity and arts appreciation. They become good, productive citizens as they grow up, and they become ­creative bridges of national and international exchange and ­global communication.

    We are now accepting ­applications for partial ­sponsorships for music camp this summer of 2013. If your family is financially challenged and you have a ­student who desires to attend music camp this summer, please contact our website at, print an ­application and mail it to the address on the application form. The application deadline for Summer Camp Music Sponsorships is March 15, 2013. Lou Cleland is the president of UTSEIF non-profit organization and a past teacher of Suzuki strings in the Tulsa area.

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