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Gleam Guard owner Tracy Booth has served satisfied customers for 26 years.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2013

Gleam Guard owner Tracy Booth in the Promenade Mall kiosk by the food court.

Gleam Guard owner Tracy Booth in the Promenade Mall kiosk by the food court.

“Many people have the concept that all wood refinishing is messy and that remodelers always take longer,” says Gleam Guard ­owner Tracy Booth. “With Gleam Guard,” he explains, “you can refinish woodwork without sanding and make it look like new in a few days.” The average kitchen cabinet project normally takes one to two days at the most to complete.  Larger kitchens may require two to three days with the process.

    This amazing technology restores lasting beauty to ­cabinets and other interior woodwork without dust, mess or toxic fumes. Gleam Guard bonds to the original finish, enhancing the wood grain and giving it a fresh-oiled look. But unlike oiled methods, Gleam Guard results last decades – not days or weeks.

    The process works not only on traditional wood surfaces, but on painted, glazed and pickled woods. Gleam Guard can be used on old or new cabinets. Keeping the finish new is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth. A bit of white vinegar is all you need for stubborn spots.

    During his 26 years in ­business, Tracy has heard a lot of positive customer comments, such as this one: “My cabinets are 32 years old. After Gleam Guard, I use nothing but water to clean them, and they look beautiful.” Cost is very ­reasonable, and many customers say they wish they had the makeover a lot sooner.

    “Sometimes people think I am going to make everything look really shiny,” says Tracy. “But there are actually three sheens to choose from – satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss.” You can have a soft look, a strong impact look or in-between. The technicians will be pleased to show you how your cabinets will look with any of these finishes.

    Getting finished on time is something you don’t need to worry about. Tracy’s crew of professional craftsmen aim to complete the job in good time. You can count on what Tracy says and what he does. His business integrity and respect for ­customers has earned Gleam Guard a perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as its prestigious Award for Outstanding Customer Service.

    “Is it really true I don’t have to take anything out of my ­cupboards?” That’s one of the most common questions Tracy hears. His answer is, “Yes – you don’t have to do anything to ­prepare. Everything in your cupboards can remain as they are.”

    Give Gleam Guard a call at (918) 455-4211 if you have any questions regarding your woodwork or if you need to schedule an in-home demonstration. Gleam Guard dust-free wood refinishing does wonders on just about any wood surface – paneling, molding, doors and frames. Each job comes with a five-year guarantee that includes free touchup services if needed. Recently, one customer was so pleased with her touchup service and the additional work she had requested that she sent a note and another check in the mail.“The amount my Gleam Guard technician charged isn’t enough for doing such a good job. While this additional check doesn’t ­cover his time, it makes me feel better because he did such an exceptional and unexpectedly good job. Thank you and him,” she wrote.

    “I am so thankful for the people in this community who have kept me in business for more than two decades,” says Tracy. “They chose to hire me to save them money while ­protecting a big investment. That’s a real honor.” Satisfied customers have enabled him to expand Gleam Guard, now with offices in other parts of the States.

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