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By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: July 2015

Clint Mitchell says he is glad he chose Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma as an alternative to surgery.

Clint Mitchell says he is glad he chose Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma as an alternative to surgery.

Sometimes not feeling anything can be worse than pain. Clint Mitchell can tell you.
    The 20-year American Airlines mechanic knows all about pain. He has totaled several vehicles and dropped as many motorcycles. Pain? Sure. But he just took the licking and kept on ticking. A few pain pills now and then made life easier.
    Lower back pain had been a constant part of his life for a long time. But then he noticed something different. While carrying heavy parts up the long ramps to aircraft, his legs would suddenly become numb. That would be frightening to anyone 15 feet above a cement floor. And 10-hour work shifts didn’t help the matter.
    Clint knew he had to do something or he would be in serious trouble. He decided to schedule an appointment with his general practitioner. A CT scan confirmed the doctor’s suspicion; Clint had a herniated disc. A lateral tear was causing the disc to bulge out and apply pressure to nerves in his spine. Although the situation was not debilitating, it was serious. And likely to worsen, his doctor warned. He may even require surgery at some point.
    That was Clint’s wake-up call. He would have no surgery! Too many people had told him about their back surgeries, and how they wish they had never gone through with them. Once under the knife, their bodies were never the same. And the difference was anything but positive. Some said they underwent additional surgeries to relieve the pain. But they didn’t work. If they had only known about spinal decompression, they would have given it a try before resorting to surgery. Fair enough, he thought.
    Somewhere among the hundreds of conversations he had with back pain sufferers, the name Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma was mentioned. He gave them a call and set up an initial consultation with Dr. Dwight Korgan.
    “I was amazed,” said Clint. “From the first moment I walked in, everyone treated me like I was a person they cared about. Not just another number on their books, but somebody who had a problem and they were there to help.”
    Clint recalls they were very busy that day. Yet Dr. Korgan answered all his questions – and there were lots of them – without any rushing. “I had never been treated this way before in a doctor’s office,” he said. “It just blew me away.”
    Soon Clint was in for his first decompression treatment. Hot packs warmed the muscles and got them ready to stretch. The main component of IDD therapy utilizes a patented orthopedic decompression system called the Spina Machine, which promotes self-healing through gentle, effective decompression of the spine. Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma is the only physician directed Accu-Spina treatment in our area. “It didn’t hurt,” he says. “I could feel a little bit of a pull, but I just put on headsets and listened to music. There was nothing bad about it.” After about a month, Clint felt as good as new.
    That was more than a year ago, and Clint says all his discomfort is nearly gone. After the treatment series, he began doing the recommended exercises exactly as prescribed. He continues doing them to this day.
    Every few months someone from the Spinal Decompression staff calls to check on his progress. “I can’t stress enough,” says Clint. “If anyone has back problems or disc problems, give Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma a try before surgery.”
    Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma is located at 1408 N. Florence in Claremore. To ask questions or schedule a free evaluation, call (918) 341-1250.

For more information, contact

Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma

1408 N. Florence
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 341-1250


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Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma

For more information, contact:

Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma

(918) 341-1250
1408 North Florence | Claremore, OK 74017
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