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Draper Family GNC’s help customers map out personal plans for success.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: July 2013

Robb Winn is the Draper Family GNC Regional Sales ­Manager overseeing four stores in the Tulsa area.  
NDS Nutrition supplements are an exclusive to Draper Family GNCs in our area.

Robb Winn is the Draper Family GNC Regional Sales ­Manager overseeing four stores in the Tulsa area. NDS Nutrition supplements are an exclusive to Draper Family GNCs in our area.

There are four Draper Family GNC stores in the Metro-Tulsa area. The stores are: Tulsa Hills at Highway 75 & 71st Street; Woodland Corner at 71st & Memorial; The Shops at Broken Arrow at Highway 51 & Lynn Lane; and Smith Farm Shopping Center at Highway 169 & 96th Street in Owasso. The newest location is the Woodland Corner GNC which opened doors nearly two years ago. “The thing that really sets us apart from other ­supplement stores,” said Draper Family GNC Regional Sales Manager Robb Winn, “is our customer service and our exclusive offerings of NDS products.”

    “Our stores are definitely ­different,” says Robb. “In addition to selling supplements, every store has a Certified Personal Trainer on staff. They offer free advice to customers about our supplements, diet and custom exercise programs.” Customers are surveyed to ­identify their ­personal goals, what they are ­currently doing, where and how frequently they workout, and how willing they are to commit to a total program that will help them attain their goals. Again, the advice is free. The GNC staff wants to provide services to ­customers in every way possible in helping them attain health and fitness goals. “Customers have discovered that there’s even a difference in our multi-vitamins,” says Robb.

     If you’re interested in weight loss, you’ll want to get ­information about GNC’s Embrace Kit. Robb says there are three elements to any ­successful plan…diet/nutrition, exercise, and supplements. Your GNC Sales Representative will formulate a plan suggesting how to exercise, how often you need to do it, a custom nutrition approach just for you, and when and how to take recommended supplements.  The Embrace Kit and a custom-tailored program has appeal to both men and women, young and “old,” and Robb says he has ­customers who have lost over

100 lbs. on their plans.

    Many men coming in for the first time have complained that they are restless and don’t sleep well, they are tired, have a basic lack of energy, and are interested in boosting testosterone levels.  “Men who feel that their energy levels are substandard have seen outstanding results from our NDS Flex Stack products. And again, both the Embrace Kit and the Flex Stack are exclusive to Draper Family stores,” said Robb. You pay for the products, but the consultations with Certified Personal Trainers and their ­customized plans are free.  

    Robb says he has customers that have been coming to Draper GNC stores each month for years. They continually get their conditioning, progress, and fitness program analyzed and revised to help them attain the next level of conditioning and improved health. Free advice is usually worth what you paid for it, but in this case it is definitely a value-added customer service package available only from Draper Family GNCs. “We are heavy in nutrition knowledge and that’s really important,” said Robb. “We know what’s available on the market and we share with our customers what we know works and what does not.”

    If you think you may be interested in visiting with a Draper Family GNC Certified Personal Trainer, drop by one of their conveniently located stores in the Tulsa area.  When you’re there tell them you’re interested in receiving some free samples to try for a couple of days. Most patrons have been amazed at the measurable improvement and energy boost they have felt immediately.  

    “It’s never too late to begin improving your health,” said Robb.  Visit the GNC location nearest you this week and find out what they can do to help you map out your personal plan for success.

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