A Great Value in ­Custom Homebuilding

But how often do we stop to think: What does it really mean to have a custom built home?

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Real Estate | Issue: November 2009

Robert Benzel, along with associate, Rowdy. “Let us show you how easy custom home building can be.”

Anyone who has considered having a home built has probably read the words “custom built” so often, the phrase has become commonplace in the mind. But how often do we stop to think: What does it really mean to have a custom built home?

Ideally, a custom built home is one in which the homebuyer and homebuilder have worked through the process together, discussing options, details, and budgets, then determining what is the best option for the client. Robert Benzel of Benzel Properties is committed to helping clients through each and every step of the home-building process.

According to Benzel, it all starts with the decision to buy. Benzel encourages clients to write down the reasons why you want to build a custom home and the amenities that are of most importance to you, including the location, type of subdivision, schools you want your children to attend, distance you want to drive to work, distance to shopping, or whatever else may be of importance to you. Once you've made that decision to buy and want to go ahead with the plan to custom build, Benzel will meet with you for discussion of floor plans, financing options, the reasons you would want to build a custom home and the amenities that are of most importance to you.

Next, Benzel walks you through the mortgage prequalification process, which he considers the most important and the first step to the custom homebuilding process. "It's important to know what you can actually afford," he says, "Now you can make a better decision on what you're comfortable spending on your new home."

Once you have been pre-approved by a qualified mortgage lender and a reasonable price range has been set, Benzel will begin researching house plans that fit your criteria. If he can't find the exact floor plan that provides everything you want and need in your new home, he will custom design one for you.

Perhaps you are ready to walk through this process with Benzel, but you have one problem: you haven’t sold your current home. No problem. Benzel is a licensed real estate professional who can help you sell your current home during the building of your new custom home.

Benzel only takes on 10 to 20 clients per year so that once building has begun, he will be available to discuss progress and changes with you. Benzel uses the cost plus pricing method in building custom homes. That way the building costs to the builder never change, and the client is never overcharged for upgrades before and during construction. "I'm honest, up-front and here to help my clients. It's a win-win situation for everyone."

If you are ready to experience how easy custom homebuilding can be, call Benzel Properties today or visit www.benzelproperties.com.

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