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You’re in Good Hands

The family-owned Woods-Gallardo Agency will help customers with all their life, automobile and home insurance needs.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Financial Services | Issue: September 2007

Hubert Gallardo, Jim Woods and Kelly Woods-Gallardo add to the family’s 70 years of experience in the insurance business.

The Woods-Gallardo Agency specializes in life, automobile and home insurance exclusively for the Allstate Insurance Company. Founder Jim Woods, Kelly Woods-Gallardo, his daughter, Hubert Gallardo, Kelly’s husband, and Mary, Kelly’s daughter, have a combined 70 years of insurance experience. According to Kelly, “Sometimes you might even see five generations of the family hanging out here.” In the summer, clients are occasionally greeted with “Thank you for calling Allstate. How may I direct your call?” The voice is that of is nine-year-old Winchell, son of Kelly and Hubert.

The team is eager to help clients protect their families. If the Woods-Gallardo Agency cannot provide the products a customer needs, it is happy to steer that person in the right direction. The team is qualified to provide expert insurance advice, and it also has a financial specialist to assist clients with retirement. Kelly offers some basic advice. “Be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for,” she says. It is obvious that the family believes in Allstate. “It’s a company that wants to do things right,” says Kelly. “Its financial stability enables the company to meet any and all needs of our customers. After all, they are the ‘good hands’ people,” she jokes.

One offering of the Woods-Gallardo Agency is an optional package called Your Choice Auto. It offers four features from which clients may choose one or all. The first is Accident Forgiveness. If a customer has an accident, rates will not increase just because of the incident. Next is Deductible Rewards in which customers get $100 off their deductible for every year of safe driving. Then there is the Safe Driving Bonus. Drive safe for six months and receive five percent off the renewal premium. Finally, New Car Replacement allows customers to get a completely new car if their original car is totaled in an accident. For more information on these options, visit

Allstate is also interested in helping customers steer their teens in the right direction as they begin learning how to drive. Parents do what they can to keep their children safe, however, when it comes to driving, that means supervising many practice sessions. To help make the most of your time on the road with your teenager, Allstate provides some general guidelines for parents and their teenage drivers. Getting involved in your teen’s training can really make a difference. A recent survey stated that three out of four teenagers said that their parents were the best influence in getting them to drive more safely. The Woods-Gallardo Agency furnishes a brochure that gives parents some good advice before the process even begins. One of the most obvious things a parent can do is to set a good example. Woods-Gallardo Agency encourages parents and their teens to meet with their insurance agents to discuss the costs, responsibilities and safety issues of driving a vehicle.

The Allstate family of companies has a 75-year tradition of being there when people need them. The company has innovative insurance products for life’s needs, financial solutions to help customers save, as well as dedicated representatives to help sort it all out. Give the Woods-Gallardo Agency a call today at (918) 258-8671.

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