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Consolidated Builders Supply (CBS) first opened shop in Oklahoma City nearly 25 years ago.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: January 2010

Glenda Sanford and Gary Anthony show the many window offerings available at Consolidated Builders Supply in Tulsa.

Consolidated Builders Supply (CBS) first opened shop in Oklahoma City nearly 25 years ago, selling and manufacturing quality windows, doors and skylights. They opened their second store in Tulsa on May 4, 2009.  

Owner and founder Charles Khoury made it his goal to provide the industry’s highest quality and service possible. “By honoring Mr. Khoury’s time-honored principles, plus hard work and dedication, Consolidated Builders Supply has become the most favored supplier for new construction and replacement windows and doors in the area,” says Gary Anthony of the Tulsa store.

Consolidated Builders Supply offers retail, builder and new construction, and commercial divisions. They have also received state distributor status, which enables them to sell direct to the consumer, equating to very fair pricing. “You will often find a superior product at Consolidated Builders Supply at the same price as a product of lower quality from one of our competitors,” says Anthony. They supply commercial bids for both public and non-public projects.  

The store in Tulsa has a showroom of over 3,000 square feet. It is full of quality doors, windows and related products, with a large selection of styles and features in multiple materials. They also carry a great inventory of door hardware. Many of their unique, custom-built interior and exterior doors are built at their plant in Oklahoma City. Brand names at CBS include Rogue Valley Doors, Marvin Windows and Doors, The Millennium Collection, Entrada Iron & Wood Doors, AAW Quality Wood Doors, and Amsco Windows.

The Rogue Valley Doors are strictly custom-built from hard or soft woods – you dream it, they can build it. The selection makes it obvious that this manufacturer loves the woods. When you choose one of these doors for your home, you’re taking a little piece of the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon home with you. The natural beauty of the wood shines through.

The line of Marvin windows and doors are definitely not cookie-cutter designs. These products come with endless options for customization and limitless capabilities in design, so your windows and doors won’t look just like your neighbor’s down the street.

The Millennium Collection features inlaid molding doors, layered panel doors and router carved doors. Using only a time-tested, patented construction process, these composite door products are environmentally friendly and will not shrink or split.

If you enjoy distinctive iron doors, custom front entry gates, planter boxes and balusters that are found in the finest homes, you’ll want to check out the Entrada selection at Consolidated Builders Supply. You’ll find beautifully crafted products in a wide range of choices. The gorgeous wrought iron doors are a fully insulated “green” product and are offered at great prices. According to Anthony, “This is the most affordable iron door on the market today.”

Consolidated Builders Supply in Tulsa is fully staffed and proud of the many years of experience in the industry that their employees possess. Several of the products they offer can be painted or stained to your specifications prior to delivery. In fact, Consolidated Builders Supply offers a total package to their clients that includes producing or stocking a multitude of products, custom finishing, and installation in your home or building, if you desire.

Four trucks make up the CBS service fleet. Consolidated Builders Supply is one of the only door and window distributors that employs its own service crews, available whenever you need them.

The company offers all types of doors and windows, custom-built or stock products, finished or unfinished, installed or not – the choice is yours. Quality, professionalism and service truly make Consolidated Builders Supply a wonderful place to shop.

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