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Your Family Doctor

Dr. Corey Schoenewe of the Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic has recently moved his practice to Bixby.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: July 2007

Dr. Corey Schoenewe offers his expertise to any patient.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This quote by Henry de Bracton, made famous by Benjamin Franklin, is certainly ascribed to by the Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic, where prevention and treatment go hand-in-hand.

Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic is a family practice that puts patients first and gives each individual a personal focus. “We cover pretty much everything that can occur in a person’s lifespan: diabetes control, depression, sports injuries,” says Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic’s Dr. Corey Schoenewe. “We don’t just treat these things, but we prevent them.”

Oklahoma-born Dr. Schoenewe is a board-certified family physician. Having grown up in Broken Arrow, he completed his undergraduate and medical school educations at Oklahoma State University and went through a residency program at the University of Oklahoma. After several stints out of state, Dr. Schoenewe has been back in Oklahoma since 1976. “I’m a hometown kid who’s come home to work,” he says.

Having worked as a chemist, a construction worker and a stuntman among many other things, Dr. Schoenewe has a wide and varied background. “I think my experience in a variety of fields helps me to better relate to patients than the average doctor,” he says. “I can remember filling sandbags in Bixby to keep houses from flooding, but I always wanted to practice medicine. It sounds corny, but I like helping people. That’s what gives me my satisfaction.”

Dr. Schoenewe is strong advocate of preventative medicine. “We help with injury prevention in addition to injury treatment. And we do not just diagnose diseases. We promote health maintenance to keep people out of the hospital. For example, we find someone’s hypertension and treat it before they have a heart attack. Detection is a big part of family practice.”

One of the ways Dr. Schoenewe promotes preventative care is by increasing awareness. He mentions that accidents, especially with children, increase during this time of the year. “Kids acquire more head injuries, especially from bikes and trampolines,” Dr. Schoenewe says. “People need to be aware and more diligent.”

Drowning is an area of particular concern for Dr. Schoenewe. There is an 89 percent increase in child deaths during the summer. Drowning is the primary reason for this. As the most common cause of accidental death for children aged four and under, drownings shockingly occur most often with parents nearby. Parental diligence can avert many accidental deaths. Parents should be aware and involved, encouraging safe practices in swimming, boating safety and other physical activities.

Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic recently relocated. Leaving its relatively obscure location in Southcrest Medical Plaza, Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic has just moved to its new office at 111th Street and Memorial in Bixby. “This move makes us more accessible and more convenient,” says Dr. Schoenewe. “I like the feeling of being a hometown doctor, and Bixby is a great place for that.” At the Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic, se habla español, too. Everyone in the office is bilingual, including Dr. Schoenewe.

The Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to noon. Dr. Schoenewe is happy to take same-day appointments and walk-ins. Call (918) 392-2468 for personal service from a hometown doctor.

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Eastern Oklahoma Medical Clinic

8315 E. 111th St. S., Ste. D, Bixby, OK 74008
(918) 392-2468

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