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Advanced Vision Center & Boutique is unique and comfortable, providing high quality optometry services and eyeglasses.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: March 2013

Dr. Abby Overstreet in the lobby of 
Advanced Vision Center & Eyewear Boutique.

Dr. Abby Overstreet in the lobby of Advanced Vision Center & Eyewear Boutique.

Walking through the doors of Advanced Vision Center & Eyewear Boutique, located at 860 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd., you may wonder if you are in the right place. Typically, doctor’s offices don’t have seven-foot ­mirrors with more bling on them than stars at the Oscars. And it goes without saying that the ­life-size zebra is quite a shock too. But, you are in the right place. Dr. Abby Overstreet has designed her office to reflect everything she loves in her own home – lots of color, lots of sparkle and a cozy atmosphere that makes you almost wish you had to wait longer before they call you back for your exam.

    Dr. Overstreet started her practice in 2008 in a small office in the back of her current ­location. She was so resolute that her offices reflect her own unique personality that she even built and designed all the ­furniture she has in her waiting room. Each piece is colorful, fun, and looks like it belongs in an art museum, not an optometrist’s office. “I just wanted to be sure that it didn’t feel like an office,” explains Abby. “I wanted people to feel relaxed and comfortable when they have appointments with me, just like their own home.”

    The welcoming atmosphere, however, is just one part of the overall experience. Dr. Overstreet’s emphasis is on ­creating the total package for her patients. From the minute a client calls to schedule an appointment, she makes sure that everyone is treated with respect. Her entire staff ­understands the importance of treating everyone like family. With exceptional customer ­service and a doctor who ­genuinely cares about those that step into her location, patients can always count on an ­extremely thorough eye exam, a stress-free visit, and a selection of frames that you have to see to believe.

    Brands like Juicy Couture, Skechers, Candies, Fossil, Harley Davidson, Oakley, Coach, Calvin Klein, Umbro and Maui Jim, just to name a few, are all up to date, stylish and each frame is hand-picked by Abby herself.

    Advanced Vision Center also offers comprehensive exams for a variety of visual disorders. She does specialized testing and treatment designed to help ­manage glaucoma and serves as an emergency care facility for many area businesses whose employees sometimes find ­foreign objects in their eyes.

Dr. Overstreet also concentrates on caring for those suffering from diabetes and even follows through with their primary care physician in order to create a comprehensive approach to their healthcare. In addition, she has specifically designed a room for her pediatric patients, sure to keep them happy and engaged.

    At an early age, Abby knew she wanted to have a career in the medical field. After ­interning at optometrist offices and also in the emergency room, she decided that optometry was the best choice for her and her future family. That decision has been one of the best she has ever made. She met her husband at optometry school, and he spends a few hours a week working with Abby in her Claremore location, while spending the majority of his time at Triad Laser Center in Tulsa. The connection with Triad allows Dr. Overstreet to take care of many post-operative Lasik patients, helping them avoid the long drive into Tulsa.

    The final piece to Advanced Vision Center’s success is the knowledgeable and friendly staff. Each person is trained in fitting eyewear and can help with ­making the best choice for each individual, taking into account their lifestyle, sense of fashion and facial structure. They pride themselves in knowing insurance plans and benefits so that no ­customer pays more than they have to.

    Abby knows that everyone has a choice when it comes to their optical care. For an ­exceptional experience with ­personalized care and ­outstanding customer service, call Advanced Vision Center at (918) 283-2020. 

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Advanced Vision ­Center & Eyewear ­Boutique

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