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Would you believe there’s a company in Tulsa that encourages its employees to work out at work, on company time?

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: February 2009

Eric Moon, wellness coordinator for the Holmes Organisation, shows some of the office workout equipment available for the company’s employees.

Would you believe there’s a company in Tulsa that encourages its employees to work out at work, on company time? The Holmes Organisation, a local leader in insurance and benefits for over 40 years, is doing just that.  

Eric Moon is the Holmes Organisation’s new wellness coordinator. He has a master’s in human development, and is the author of a self-help book and a running coach’s manual. He has been involved in company wellness for 10 years. “We know people are busy,” he says. “After work, they have to go home and make dinner, they have to go pick up the kids. They just don’t have time to go work out. So we’re finding activities for them to do during the day, and emphasizing person-centric wellness, tailored to the specific needs of the individual.”

As wellness coordinator, Moon creates and supports health and wellness fitness initiatives for the Holmes Organisation and its clients. “People don’t change unless they want to,” says Moon. “I make it available, and I help and encourage the people who are interested.”

Holmes Organisation wellness activities include daily group climbs of ten flights of stairs, a quarter-mile walk around the building, and quick, at-your-desk workouts. The Holmes Organisation provides office workout equipment like dumbbells and exercise balls for this purpose – they also provide wellness reading materials and a constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, which might be their most popular move thus far. Employees can also get a quick massage or take a power nap. All this is built into the workday.

“A health and wellness program is a great way that a company can show it cares about its employees,” says Moon. “This is about helping people live healthy, well-balanced lives.” These programs offer benefits to the employer, as well. “When you exercise and eat right, you feel better. And when you feel better, your productivity goes up and your morale goes up. And if the health of your workforce improves, your healthcare costs go down. Seventy percent of healthcare costs are for preventable illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Companies need to adapt to this. Change for the better can be tough, but it’s worth it.”

The Holmes Organisation is a local leader in this field. “What we’re doing here is innovative for the Tulsa area,” Moon says. “We’re locally owned, and we have a lot of local clients. We’re modeling these good behaviors here, and then we market them to our clients. I’m available to any client interested in wellness programs.

“You spend a lot of time at work,” says Moon, “and you want that to be a healthy environment. A happy, healthy employee is a better, more productive employee. I think every employer would want that.”

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