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Why Not Fly Solo?

Rhema’s Singles Conference will be held March 29-31, 2012.

By: Brent Bailey | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: March 2012

Dave and Christine Martin, Singles Conference keynote speakers.

Dave and Christine Martin, Singles Conference keynote speakers.

When someone is learning to fly, it is common practice that an instructor goes along. But it’s said you don’t truly learn to fly until you fly solo. Too many ­singles are waiting on “the one” to show up before they do ­anything for God. Don’t wait. It’s important for you to learn to fly solo. Why not spread your wings and fly now, while you have more freedom and fewer commitments and responsibilities?

With that in mind, “Flying Solo 2012,” Rhema’s Singles Conference, will be held on the Rhema campus in Broken Arrow March 29–31. The cost for the event is only $55 and includes four main services, ­relevant breakout sessions, and a Friday night concert with Desperation Band.

The keynote speakers are Dr. Dave and Christine Martin. He is known by many around the world as America’s number one Christian success coach. She is known for her ­uncompromising style – ­powerful, edgy, graced, and yet tender as she speaks with ­relevancy to men and women across the globe.

For more information or to register, visit You can also register by calling 1(866) 312-0972. So whether you’re ­single and loving it, single and hating it, or single and content, make plans to attend Flying Solo 2012.

For more information, contact

Rhema Bible College


1025 W. Kenosha
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
1 (866) 312-0972

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