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Jayne Bowman of Real Soulutions offers Christian counseling for anyone who is hurting in their heart.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Professional Services | Issue: May 2014

Jayne Bowman of Real Soulutions offers a unique style of professional Christian counseling to help clients work through the issues that are stealing their lives.

Jayne Bowman of Real Soulutions offers a unique style of professional Christian counseling to help clients work through the issues that are stealing their lives.

Jayne Bowman deals with pain. But she doesn’t need to ask her many clients where they hurt. The board certified professional Christian counselor at Real Soulutions Christian Counseling knows that they hurt from the heart. Whether they are feeling the pain of trauma, addiction, family discord or grief, they want to move forward in their lives, but don’t know how.

That’s where Jayne can help. In her own words, she provides “Christian-based, clinically sound counseling therapy.” It is nothing like behavioral therapy, where a counselor identifies a client’s problem and then recommends a remedial pattern of behavior. From the initial consultation, Jayne asks each of her clients for a commitment to take responsibility for their lives and to become part of a team. That team is Jayne, the client and God.

Although psychology is the basis of her profession, Christianity is the basis of her life. It reflects in everything she does. Counseling sessions may begin or end with prayer. And she prays for every client, every day.

Throughout her sessions, Jayne uses Biblical principles to help clients see for themselves what is holding them back in life. “Answers to the deepest questions in life are within the pages of the Bible,” she explains. “When they can look at things from a different perspective, they can understand why they hurt, what was taken from them, and what they need to do to get it back.”
Negative thoughts that have built up from past experiences and poor choices in life keep people from becoming who they want to be, and from feeling the joy that they can’t seem to get. Even Christians can feel this way when faced with challenging situations. There is no need to feel shame or guilt when seeking help. This is actually the first step toward recovery.

Singles with a history of broken relationships come to her, as well as family members who feel like strangers living under one roof. Sometimes clients know why they feel the way they do and sometimes they don’t. “Therapy is not a quick fix,” she says. “It’s a journey.” The road is highly individualized for each person.

Those who are willing to undertake the journey will find themselves in the capable hands of a licensed professional counselor, licensed alcohol and drug counselor, board certified professional Christian counselor and LPC supervisor.

During the past 14 years, Jayne has facilitated the process of clients working through a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. Trauma, depression, anxiety, various addictions including substance, alcohol, sexual and eating disorders, parenting support, grief, counseling for children of divorce, and childhood trauma are just some of the areas in which she has helped people who want to help themselves. “When I see a hurting person see hope, see value in themselves, I am rewarded,” she says.

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