What's Lurking in Your Water?

Where to test your household water for free

By: Seana Warren | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2017

abitha Taylor, co-owner of Kinetico Water Systems

You can’t turn on the television news without hearing about contaminates in water systems across the country.  Stories like the one out of Flint, Michigan have made all Americans more aware of the deadly dangers of impure and unclean drinking water.

Unfortunately, that’s only half of the story.  What about well water that is not treated by an urban water treatment plant? What about the chemicals added to public water systems like fluoride, ammonia and chloramine, just to name a few?

“Chloramine, a chemical made up of chlorine and ammonia, is added to drinking and bathing water in Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow and Owasso, among others,” said Patrick Taylor, co-owner of Kinetico Water Systems. “We show you how to take out up to 99% of those chemicals and serve your family safe drinking water.”

The friendly staff at Kinetico Water Systems can help you test your water for free.  They are water quality experts, not salesmen, and can help you understand what chemicals are present in your water and how to treat them if necessary.

“People want to know what is in their water,” says Tabitha Taylor, co-owner of Kinetico Water Systems. “It’s important to understand what chemicals are in your drinking and bathing water, whether you live on a street with city provided water or in the suburban areas where well water is more prevalent.”

Most of the whole house systems at Kinetico are non-electric and run on the power of the movement of the water, so they are eco-friendly. Both large and small systems are in full operation in their showroom to educate consumers on quality of water - and, you can drink it right out of the tap.

“We serve all customers’ needs large or small,” said Tabitha.  “If you are looking for a low cost way to filter water at home, we have great solutions for you.  If you are a looking for a system for the whole house or if you are a large corporation with a boiler that requires a softener, we can help you find a system that meets all of your needs.”

“Our water softening systems also help the longevity of household and commercial appliances,” said Patrick.  “Not only are there no more hard-water spots on your shower doors or glasses, but your dishwashers, coffee pots and refrigerators last longer with conditioned water.”

ER Water Filters has been your one stop water shop since 1987.  Come by and see them today or visit them on Facebook to check out their free weekly education seminars at ER

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