What Sets Dr. LaButti Apart?

You’ve experienced knee or hip pain for long enough and have finally decided to opt for surgery.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: August 2009

Dr. Ronald S. LaButti, orthopedic surgeon with Central States Orthopedic Specialists, assures his patients they will receive comprehensive, satisfactory treatment from him.

You’ve experienced knee or hip pain for long enough and have finally decided to opt for surgery. When researching a doctor to perform your total joint replacement, you’ll want to find an orthopedic surgeon who will provide comprehensive care that ensures your success. The Consumer Research Council of America recognizes Dr. Ronald LaButti with Central States Orthopedic Specialists as one the top physicians in America. What sets Dr. LaButti apart? It’s a combination of several factors.

When they visit with a surgeon, many patients are concerned about who will be performing the surgery and if they will ever see the surgeon again in their post-operative care. Dr. LaButti sees all of the patients himself, including post-operative care in the hospital and clinic. Patients can be assured they will not see anyone in place of him and are comforted by his extensive training and experience.

Dr. LaButti’s training and experience are certainly impressive. After his orthopedic surgery residency, Dr. LaButti completed a fellowship at State University of New York in Buffalo, where he worked closely with one of the world’s top hip and knee surgeons, a physician who was instrumental in designing the Stryker surgical navigation system, the technology Dr. LaButti utilizes for total knee replacements.

“It was a remarkable opportunity to learn first-hand and work with the pioneer of this amazing technology,” says Dr. LaButti. “The two main variables attributed to a successful knee replacement are proper alignment and balance of the knee ligaments. This system greatly minimizes, or in some instances, completely eliminates those variables. It’s like having a GPS in the operating room.”

Dr. LaButti also emphasizes pre-operative education for his patients. “We want every patient to know exactly what to expect before joint replacement surgery,” he said. “This includes a thorough evaluation of the patient’s physical condition and therapy needs. The pre-operative education and physical therapy, if needed, are designed to increase the patient’s comfort zone and improve recovery time following surgery.”

Testimonies of Dr. LaButti’s past patients highlight his thorough way of doing things. “A lot of doctors can’t wait to get you out of the room, but Dr. LaButti takes his time to explain everything so you’re completely comfortable,” said Delores Seabolt of Big Cabin, Oklahoma, who had her total hip replacement by Dr. LaButti last year. “He records every session and knows exactly what is going on with you.  There’s a good reason everyone has such good words about him. He is not only a good doctor, but a good person. After the success of my surgery, he was as happy for me as I was for myself!”

“We don’t want patients to be faced with any surprises along the way,” said Dr. LaButti. “We provide the patient with a pamphlet and my website containing detailed information about surgery and post-operative tips.”

If you’re looking into knee or hip replacement surgery, check out Dr. Ronald S. LaButti at www.hipandkneedoc.com.

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