What Does Cosmetic Medicine Cost?

Dr. Mallory Spoor-Baker, D.O. of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, explains costs of common procedures offered.

By: Mallory Spoor-Baker | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: February 2011

Dr. Mallory Spoor-Baker of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in Tulsa.

Dr. Mallory Spoor-Baker of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in Tulsa.

This is a question that most people ask me during their consultation at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine: how much does that procedure cost? Some people wait months wondering and thinking that a better appearance is too expensive. Some people have been reading my articles for years before coming in for a free consultation. Let me tell you right now: if you have a special event in May or June and you want to look better – start now! I know it’s only February, but the time flies. Did you know it takes four months for your bone marrow to make a new red blood cell? It takes nearly eight months before you can really appreciate rejuvenated skin from any collagen stimulating procedure. 

Here is an overview of average costs on a per-month basis of several procedures that I offer at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine.

Did you know that laser hair removal can be as little as $25 a month? Even less than that if you’re only treating one zone. What would not shaving your bikini line for 10 years be worth to you? This procedure can be life-changing.

Can you swing $30 a month? For this cost you can purchase a powerhouse of a skin care product called C E Ferulic. It is essentially an antioxidant serum that has been shown in clinical studies to improve fine lines and wrinkles and reduce pore size. The antioxidation coverage is important for slowing down the damage caused by the sun and environment. It is extremely moisturizing as well, so it can actually replace your morning moisturizer, which will save you money.

How about $50 a month? For $50 a month, or $1.50 per day, you can fill your entire system with antioxidation with a fruit and vegetable concentrate that represents 17 raw fruits, vegetables and grains. We know all about eating better and exercising for better health, but how many of us really do it consistently? I would estimate only about 10 percent of the population actually eats five to nine, or more, of raw fruits and veggies a day. Did you know that the American Cancer Society has increased the ­recommended servings to 13 per day? Yikes! I definitely don’t get that many fruits and veggies in every day, and some days I’m lucky to get three servings in. Why not make your skin better from the inside out by cheaply improving your nutrition?

On average, an area of Botox (frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet lines) will run you $60 per month. That cost represents treating one area every four months. Treating your frown lines, alone, will make you look fresher and more relaxed. 

For $100 or more per month, we are getting into the more expensive procedures, such as skin tightening or photo-facial, laser-type procedures. The beginning, up-front costs can be more, but averaged over 12 months the procedures can certainly be at around $100. The Pearl Resurfacing procedure will give you better-looking, smoother skin for at least one to two years, so its average cost is well under $100 per month.

I hope this gives some of you a better idea of costs related to cosmetic medical procedures. Just because your budget is tight right now, don’t imagine you’re not a candidate for some appearance-improving product or procedure. Still not sure? Call us to schedule a consultation – it’s free.

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