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Oklahoma Premier Bariatrics offers weight loss surgeries for morbidly obese patients who suffer associated medical conditions due to their weight.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Other | Issue: January 2013

Kathy Trevino before and after Lap-Band surgery.

Kathy Trevino before and after Lap-Band surgery.

Kathy Trevino had been ­overweight her entire life, from childhood throughout her teenage and adult years. When she had children in her late ­twenties, the pounds really began to pack on and her weight ­problem got worse and worse. By the time she was in her early ­forties, she weighed 262 pounds at 5’ 4”. “I had severe chronic pain in my lower back, and my physician told me that if I didn’t do something about my weight, I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 50,” says Kathy.

    One of Kathy’s coworkers suggested she look into weight loss surgery, and that her insurance might pay for it because it was causing her back pain. Kathy checked with her insurance company and was referred to Dr. Luis Gorospe at Oklahoma Premier Bariatrics. “I had heard about Lap-Band surgery with celebrities like Al Roker, and found out that it is less invasive and has a quicker recovery time than other weight loss surgeries. I went to Dr. Gorospe’s seminar and decided I had to nothing to lose,” says Kathy.

    In December of 2007, Dr. Gorospe performed Lap-Band surgery on Kathy, and her life hasn’t been the same since. Kathy has lost around 110 pounds and kept the weight off. “The changes in my life have been dramatic. I no longer have pain in my lower back, I can move around much better, I have so much more energy, and I’m able to see my kneecaps! There’s also the physical part – at 47, I’ve never looked better. It has changed every aspect of my life, even for my children. I’m no longer the obese mom; I’m a normal mom.”

    Kathy recommends Dr. Gorospe to anyone considering weight loss surgery. “Dr. Gorospe has an excellent bedside manner, and he will actually spend time with you to go over your questions and concerns. I believe he’s not only a good ­doctor, but a good person.”

    If you are morbidly obese and suffering from medical ­complications stemming from being overweight, surgery may be the right answer for you. With so many options available, it can be stressful and confusing ­choosing where to go, who to see, and what surgery is right for you. To help answer these ­questions, Dr. Gorospe offers free weekly seminars.

    During the seminars, Dr. Gorospe explains the entire process from beginning to end and assists the small group of attendees in determining if they are qualified for surgery. He offers roux-en-y gastric bypass, adjustable banding (i.e. the ­Lap-Band surgery that Kathy received), and gastric sleeve ­surgeries.

    Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries are generally ­preferred for patients who need to lose a very large amount of weight (between 80 and 100 pounds, with a body mass index or 40 of higher) and suffer from co-morbid conditions such as diabetes and high blood ­pressure. “These surgeries change the person’s hormonal components immediately, and there is almost 100 percent improvement of their diabetes if they are on one oral medication only. Approximately 80 percent of patients who were on high blood pressure medications no longer need their meds after these ­surgeries,” explains Dr. Gorospe. “Lap-Band surgery is typically for those who need to lose a smaller amount of weight, who are approximately 50 pounds overweight with a BMI of 30 to 34.”

    Dr. Gorospe says the best part of his job is seeing the incredible changes that take place in his patients’ lives. “Before the surgery, many of my patients are depressed, hate their relationship with food, and are tired all time. When they lose the weight, their lives are ­prolonged and their quality of life is greatly improved. Their relationships with loved ones are better, and they’re able to do things they’ve never been able to before. It’s very gratifying to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives.”

    For more information about Dr. Gorospe’s upcoming ­seminars, contact Oklahoma Premier Bariatrics at (918) 252-2800.

For more information, contact

Oklahoma Premier Bariatrics

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