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By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: July 2013

Laura Bilbruck, M.D., Medical Director of the Results Medical Spa located in St. John Medical Offices, Broken Arrow.

Laura Bilbruck, M.D., Medical Director of the Results Medical Spa located in St. John Medical Offices, Broken Arrow.

Laura Bilbruck, M.D., is the Medical Director of RESULTS Medical Spa, one of the Metro Tulsa’s newest and most comprehensive full-service medical and wellness spas.  She received her Medical Degree from the University of Oklahoma Medical School and has devoted her ­practice to the art of cosmetic and wellness medicine.  “We see our practice as a one-stop shop for helping women and men recapture their mojo and regain their vitality,” she said.  “Most women spend a lifetime focusing on the needs of others.  We think there’s a time in every woman’s life when she develops a deserved desire to shift at least some of her focus to herself and that’s what we’re all about.”  

    If you find yourself at a point in your life where you don’t look or feel like you thought you would at this stage of the game, Dr. Bilbruck believes you should do ­something about it.  If you’re overweight and desire a different body, RESULTS knows they can help you attain impressive results in a short time.  “A lot of a woman’s power comes from her sexuality and beauty,” says Dr. Bilbruck, “and if you’re not where you expected to be, ­reinvent yourself.”    

    Dr. Bilbruck has been a physician for 17 years and in ­private practice for 13 of those years.  RESULTS Medical Spa is the state-of-the-art facility within the Medical Office Building of the St. John Hospital Complex in Broken Arrow where Dr. Bilbruck has devoted her ­practice to the art of cosmetic and wellness medicine.

    About a year ago, Dr. Bilbruck teamed with Olga Arnold who earned her Medical Degree from Tver Medical Academy in Tver, Russia, in 1991.  Ms. Arnold also possesses a Ph.D. in Communicable Disease Transmission from Moscow Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education.  “Olga is absolutely one of the best ever in her field of expertise,” said Dr. Bilbruck, “and I’m really ­fortunate to have her on my team.  She has the experience, the talent and the brain power that have so positively contributed to our success.”

    Results Medical Spa has ­several specialties that combine to facilitate the development of an entire wellness and beauty package for any individual…both male and female.  “Our weight loss and system cleansing ­detoxification programs have been phenomenal,” says Dr. Bilbruck.  “We are dedicated to restoring our patients’ vitality and energy, both through aesthetic procedures and products as well as through diet and wellness programs.  We believe that RESULTS is where looking good and feeling great come together.  And you’ll see amazing results quickly.”

    In addition to weight management programs, RESULTS specializes in eye enhancements, dermal fillers, Botox, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, spider vein therapy, female sexual enhancement, and more.

     “We want to be the expert resource for women and men who need information or ­procedures to help make their bodies and skin look like they believe they should,” said Dr. Bilbruck.  RESULTS Medical Spa houses five fully-operational treatment rooms, all designed with the patient’s comfort and efficient care in mind.  

    If you’re interested in losing weight, looking good and feeling better, Dr. Bilbruck invites you to come in for a visit and looks forward to visiting with you.  She believes you deserve the most from your skin and body.  RESULTS Medical Spa aims to offer procedures that have no down time, have minimal side effects, are minimally invasive, and are painless but effective.  They strive to make their non-surgical cosmetic treatments accessible and affordable.  “Tell us what you don’t like about yourself and we can probably fix it,” says Dr. Bilbruck.

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