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By: Tara Waugh | Category: Other | Issue: September 2012

“The Dream Team” beauty and wellness experts, Dr. Laura Bilbruck and Olga Arnold.

“The Dream Team” beauty and wellness experts, Dr. Laura Bilbruck and Olga Arnold.

“Every individual deserves to get the very best from their skin and body. You deserve a clinic that is different from other medical spas and skin care clinics.” This is Results Medical Spa’s first statement of their philosophy and mission, which is a testament to the care and service they provide to their clients.

    Earlier this year, Laura Bilbruck, M.D., and Olga Arnold teamed up and dreamed up the idea for a ­medical spa like no other in Oklahoma. The two women met through mutual friends, had ­dinner one night, and knew they were destined to work together and to create a medical spa that, in Dr. Bilbruck’s words, “is ­dedicated to health, beauty, and wellness and uses evidence-based, scientific procedures that produce reliable and safe results.”  

    Olga Arnold has an ­extensive medical background and training. She has a master’s of healthcare administration from OSU and an abundance of medical knowledge from ­practicing obstetrics in Russia and working in the dermatology department at OU. Since 2006, Olga has been gaining even more experience by working at other medical spas in Tulsa.

    Dr. Laura Bilbruck also has a comprehensive medical ­background. In 1996, she received her medical degree from the University of Oklahoma’s College of Medicine. She ­specializes in internal medicine, which has allowed her to gain an understanding of the fundamental building blocks to human ­wellness and overall good health.    

    Dr. Bilbruck commented on what sets their medical spa apart from other spas in the area, ­stating: “We have a bigger toolbox to pull from. We understand the chemistry, and we have our clients’ best interests in mind.” She also notes how both she and Olga have travelled around the country to keep up with the latest technology and information to provide their clients with the best doctor-supervised treatment in Oklahoma.

    Providing an array of beauty and health treatments, Results is a full service medical and ­wellness spa. Their services include acne treatment, Botox, celebrity peels, cheek enhancement, chemical peels, lip enhancement, liquid face lifts, migraine treatment, Obaji Blue peel, weight management, and various treatments for dark ­circles, deep wrinkles and folds, skin tags, and excessive sweating. Visit their website at www.resultsmed.com to get at an in-depth view of the comprehensive treatments they provide.

    One popular program is their weight management ­program. Dr. Bilbruck and Olga understand that what might work for one person does not work for all people. They note how “no two people have the same requirements for ­optimal health and body ­composition. At Results, we believe in a science-based approach to weight loss and ­optimal health.” Dr. Bilbruck mentions a medical condition called Weight Loss Resistance, affecting people who cannot lose one to three pounds a week after following a diet 80 percent of the time. This condition can be diagnosed and treated. After individualized, genetic testing, Dr. Bilbruck can help repair a client’s metabolism by devising the proper individualized weight loss plan for each client and providing one-on-one diet coaching.

    Another sought-after ­treatment is the liquid face lift. For those who might not want to combat wrinkles and sagging skin with surgery, they can come to Results Medical Spa to receive this unique, more cost-effective alternative. “This procedure is done in just two sessions of less than one hour each, and after each session, you will be able to resume normal activities almost immediately,” says Olga. Liquid face lifts slow down the aging process, giving clients a ­beautiful, natural appearance.

    No matter what beauty and health treatment you are ­contemplating, Dr. Bilbruck and Olga truly practice and embody their mission and ­philosophy. They have created a beautiful space for their clients where they can enhance their natural beauty, inside and out.

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