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Food Truck Thursdays are monthly spring thru early fall.

Food Truck Thursdays are monthly spring thru early fall.

By definition, the tourism industry markets places of interest to the public, and  all the places of interest and things to do in Claremore makes Tanya Andrews’s role as executive director of Visit Claremore that much easier.

“Visit Claremore serves as the marketing and promotion arm for the city and the surrounding area,” Andrews said. “We share our story with the world-our story of a great community started by local entrepreneurs and small-business owners; home of Oklahoma legends, our world class museums, great events, wonderful eateries as well as our history all add to our story.”

A “behind the scene organization,” Visit Claremore’s outreach is far and wide, as it strives to reach potential visitors as well residents in the region.

“I have been in the hospitality industry for a long time; from hotels and restaurants to my long time career as the Director of Visit Claremore,” said Andrews, a second generation Claremore Zebra and RSU alumni. “I started in 2005 when it was the Claremore Convention & Visitors Bureau and has evolved into Visit Claremore. Now a department of the City of Claremore, we merged with the Claremore Expo Center in 2015. Missions were identical so the two merging made sense and allowed for more resources for both.”

Alley Activation mural of Will Rogers at North Block Common.

Alley Activation mural of Will Rogers at North Block Common.

As an industry “storyteller,” Visit Claremore tells the history of the community to visitors through social media, advertising, news articles and in-person with the public.

“Tourism is the purest form of economic development. It doesn’t require roads, bridges, stop lights, utilities, etc. except when we see growth in hotels, and restaurants or other related businesses,” Andrews said. “With a healthy flow of visitors the increase in usage and need of our hospitality businesses is a healthy growth to the city, via sales taxes, increased utilities and providing more jobs without taxing roads and emergency services.”

Inasmuch as tourism benefits the city, Andrews also commended the town’s many entrepreneurs, and the importance of community support.

“To buy locally you are supporting one of our own residents, who have invested thousands, maybe even millions in our community,” she said. “They have already given back by bringing, or opening, their business here; they believe that our community is worth their investment. Additionally, they are providing local jobs. Some business owners and/or property owners might not be from Claremore, however, their employees are. Those employees live here and spend their money on groceries, utilities, and contribute to our tax base.”

“To buy from a local business we are investing our money to keep them here-keep them open and employees working-we are supporting their dream and their investments they brought to the table first,” she said.

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