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Casual to elegant, Fox’s Architectural offers design enhancements for any project.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: July 2007

Kevin Fox, owner of Fox’s Architectural, offers many decorative options for your home or business, including appliqués and feet.

Fox’s Architectural specializes in affordable, architectural design products to give any home a sense of class and style. Owner Kevin Fox says, “We offer the widest selection of pre-engineered millwork in the state. We can also custom-design just about any trim imaginable.” Representing 120 product suppliers, Fox’s Architectural offers design elements such as balustrades, corbels, moldings, mantels and more.

If you are a homeowner or homebuilder and enjoy fine design enhancements, Fox’s Architectural will suit your needs. Not only are the products in the large selection cost-effective, but they are environmentally-friendly. Fox’s Architectural can keep you “green” without sacrificing uniqueness or quality.

In his eighth year of business, Fox takes pride in the diversity of his product selection. He seeks new, cutting-edge products and techniques to offer his patrons. “Our first-time customers are usually pleasantly surprised at the quality and selection of products on our showroom floor,” says Fox.

The store carries a wide range of products, including dozens of decorative items such as appliqués and feet, both used to enhance or repair cabinets and mantles. Selections may consist of carved wood and pressed or resin products to give style to any ordinary cabinet. These product enhancements give elegance to items that may normally lack flair or uniqueness. Decorative appliqués can be painted or stained to match or complement a home’s color scheme.

Fox offers inexpensive solutions to dress up a room or entire home. Crown molding and corbels are both popular elements used in developing a home’s uniqueness. Being creative with the items can produce exciting, elegant effects. Fox’s Architectural offers numerous choices in material and design for even the most discerning designer.

Fox enjoys talking about his new and improved medium density fiberboard products, commonly referred to as MDF. Made from waste products and other recycled materials, MDF contains straw, saw dust, wood shavings, cellulose products and other “waste” materials. “Years ago, MDF had a really poor reputation and image in the eyes of builders,” explains Fox. “When it got damp or wet, it would swell and never return to its original shape. Today’s MDF products are, by contrast, virtually waterproof.” MDF crown moldings are half the price of poplar moldings and are used in some of the finest custom homes being built throughout the country.

Due to its strength and working characteristics, MDF’s popularity is rapidly increasing. It is very straight compared to many other wood trim products that can be purchased in stores. MDF is also very durable and can be flexed to follow the curve of most design creations, including rounded walls or pillar bases and tops. Pre-primed and more easily-useable than its ancestors, MDF does not mound around nail heads when installed.

If you are in the market to build or remodel a home, call Fox’s Architectural at (918) 835-6653. Customers will be beyond satisfied with the wide variety of cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products.

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