Vet Tech of the Year

Family Animal Medicine recently honored Wanda Cline as Veterinary Technician of the Year for her extraordinary service to Owasso pets.

By: Shelly Robinson | Category: Pets | Issue: November 2012

Veterinary Technician Wanda Cline of Family Animal Medicine.

Veterinary Technician Wanda Cline of Family Animal Medicine.

Veterinary Technician Wanda Cline is much more comfortable cradling a dog or cat in her arms than holding an award, but that love of animals is precisely what inspired the doctors at Family Animal Medicine to recognize her dedication to the profession.

    Wanda was recently ­honored by the staff of Owasso’s Family Animal Medicine as Veterinary Technician of the Year, and Dr. Gena Guerriero says there is no one more ­deserving of the award for extraordinary service. “Wanda lives and breathes to care for ­animals; she even comes in on her days off to see how her patients are doing. She is wonderful with our clients and is definitely the matriarch of our clinic.”

    This praise comes as no ­surprise for anyone who has seen the spunky 74-year-old in action. FAM receptionist Mariann Stanley has worked with Wanda over a 22-year period and says she treats everyone like her own. “She invited me over to a home-cooked meal and didn’t mind when I cut my piece of ­cornbread from the middle of the pan,” she laughs. “That was 30 years ago and we’ve been friends ever since.”

    Wanda confirms the family atmosphere at Family Animal Medicine. She fondly refers to Dr. Gena and partner Dr. Jenny Nobles as “her girls” and has a genuine pride as she describes the practice the two have ­established. “They practice such good medicine, they work on sick patients together as a team, and will dig and research to find the best treatment to help each individual pet.”

     If you have a pet in Owasso, chances are you’ve met Wanda at some point – she has been caring for Owasso animals for over 20 years. She is now proud to call the office of Family Animal Medicine home.

    “I really like the personal attention here and I just couldn’t ask for nicer people to work with,” says Wanda. “Kim Bishop is the newest member of our team, but I’ve worked with the doctors, Mariann, and vet techs Katie Knoten and Aaron Goldesberry for years. Karen Drosos and her daughters Amanda and Kristen are also here. I know that I’m with people who really care about the patients. It really is family.”

    Having two dogs herself, Wanda understands how owners feel their animals are a true part of their family. She has a pit bull named Mijita, which means ‘my little girl,’ and a bloodhound named Ophelia. From a personal perspective, Wanda said her dogs are in her heart and soul. When she lost her husband, Thomas, several years ago, she says she couldn’t have gone on ­without her animals. “My son, Herb, lives in Bartlesville and my grandson, Thomas, is in the Air Force and stationed in Arkansas. My animals keep me company and I couldn’t live without them.”

    Wanda says the hardest part of her job is when a patient is euthanized. “I know we are always professional,” she said, “but we still cry right along with the ­owners. You just have to know that you help so many more feel better and live ­healthier that it makes up for some of the heartbreak.”

    Her favorite part of the job is performing dental care, but she also stays busy assisting in surgeries, running labs and ­helping with exams. She also enjoys seeing the all the ­pampered pooches with fresh haircuts, prancing puppies and happy owners when Micki DeYong finishes a grooming ­session. “It’s just a fun place to be every day and I don’t have any plans to retire anytime soon.”

    Mariann spoke the ­sentiment shared by this close-knit group: “Every day with Wanda is a new adventure, and I wouldn’t want to miss any of them.” Family Animal Medicine is located across the street from IHOP at 9200 N. Garnett Rd. in Owasso.

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