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Vehicle Service You Can Trust

When people trust you, it keeps them coming back.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Automotive | Issue: July 2009

Service advisors Michael Flippin and Darlene Reynolds earn the trust of their customers at Jack Kissee Ford’s Service Center.

The recent upheaval in our economy has affected all types of business, and the automotive industry is no exception. In these tough times, when businesses seem to struggle and fold daily, it is easy to wonder, “Who can I trust?”

Earning your trust is a major issue at Jack Kissee Ford’s Service Center. “When people trust you, it keeps them coming back,” Michael Flippin, service advisor, points out. “That’s why we strive to create a family environment here, where we treat the customer more like a person and less like a number.” Michael’s fellow service advisor Darlene Reynolds agrees. “Many of the people who come here are people I’ve seen for the nine years I’ve worked here. They trust our service.”

Michael and Darlene consistently do their part to keep Jack Kissee’s reputation high as they greet and advise customers, and communicate between clients and technicians. Darlene started with Ford 15 years ago as a cashier and worked at several dealerships in Tulsa and Topeka, Kansas before ending up as service advisor for Jack Kissee nine years ago. Michael started at a large Ford dealership in Tulsa and worked all over Tulsa before becoming service advisor at Jack Kissee almost four years ago. Both Darlene and Michael point to the expertise of the technicians as a reason for clients to place their trust in Jack Kissee’s Service Department.

“We have certified technicians who have been schooled to work on Ford vehicles and have the correct Ford parts to put back on the vehicle,” Darlene points out.

“I’ve always been impressed by the professionalism of our technicians,” adds Michael, who himself worked as a Ford PDI Tech in Tulsa. “Every one of them is sharp.”

Darlene and Michael also stand ready to help you get and keep your vehicle in shape during the blistering heat, which is always sure to appear in Oklahoma around this time of year. Darlene suggests that this is a great time of year to have your air conditioner recharged and to have coolant belts and hoses checked. “We are also doing a lot of multi-point inspections for people going on trips,” she says. Multi-point inspections include scheduled maintenance items (engine coolants, filters and tire rotation), fluid levels and fill, brake check, tire check, battery check, and a check of systems and components.

Michael also points to fuel prices – which are again on the rise – as a reason to have several areas on the vehicle checked and serviced. “With gas prices what they are, tires and brakes should be thoroughly checked,” he says. “Especially tire pressure, as your vehicle gets better gas mileage if your tires are properly inflated.” Other services help with this as well, such as changing air and fuel filters and flushing fuel induction systems, which cleans the carbon buildup out of the throttle body.

So if you are ready to be greeted by advisors who care not just about getting your business but about keeping it, be sure to stop in and talk to Darlene Reynolds and Michael Flippin, service advisors at Jack Kissee Ford’s Service Center in Claremore.

For more information, contact

Jack Kissee Ford

760 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd.
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 341-0101

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Jack Kissee Ford

For more information, contact:

Jack Kissee Ford

760 S. Lynn Riggs | Claremore, OK

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