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Kerri Bowman is a clear-cut choice to help you achieve your holiday look.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: December 2007

Kerri Bowman offers expert, personalized hairstyling services.

What do you like and dislike about your hair? How much time do you spend each day fixing your hair? How do you style it and what products do you use? Kerri Bowman, hairstylist at The Cutting Room, begins each and every appointment with a consultation. She examines a client’s hair and asks what short-term and long-term goals that person has in mind. Whether a client is there for the first or tenth time, Kerri does her diagnostics.

“Hair changes all the time,” Kerri explains. “Chemicals, the environment and lots of other conditions influence hair. It all makes a difference on how hair should be handled.”

She listens carefully to her clients and makes a personalized plan for each customer. While results can sometimes be achieved in one appointment, sometimes it takes a little longer. “My clients will leave here with what they want, or they will be on the road to getting there,” Kerri assures.

Kerri offers her affordable services at The Cutting Room. Special packages with more than one service are also available. According to Kerri, her business is not about exclusivity; it is about making as many beautiful heads of hair as possible.

Working on hair has been Kerri’s passion since her childhood. As a young girl, she attempted every kind of hairstyle on her family members’ ranging hair types: sleek and straight to long and curly.

As one of six independent stylists at The Cutting Room, Kerri says she enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of the salon. She uses a lot of different brand-name products to suit different hair and needs. If asked, she will make recommendations.

Color is one of Kerri’s specialties. She can handle everything from simple color to foiling and from highlights to lowlights. Kerri can even help clients fix their past color mistakes. “People think they can buy a box color and do it themselves,” she says. “It’s one of the most common mistakes I see. Most people don’t understand hair color, and many times they pick out the wrong color or just put color on top of color.” One young lady, a client of Kerri’s, appeared with bright orange hair that she had not intended. In a few corrective steps, Kerri made her hair beautiful again.

Just as each appointment begins with a consultation, each ends with simple instructions on how to maintain the hairstyle. What if you cannot get your hair to turn out right? Just give Kerri a call or stop in for a quick review. It is all part of her special service and commitment to help her customers feel good about themselves.

Book your appointment today for a glamorous holiday party or a just a casual, everyday look. Gift certificates for all occasions are also available. Kerri works Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., as well as evenings and Saturdays by appointment. The Cutting Room is located in the Echelon Center on the southwest corner of 81st Street and Memorial behind F&M Bank. Call Kerri today at (918) 254-0321.

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Kerri Bowman

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Kerri Bowman, The Cutting Room

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