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Take advantage of winter months and transform your skin at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine.

By: Christy Means-Smith | Category: Consumer News | Issue: December 2006

Mallory Spoor-Baker, D.O., is a medical graduate with an emphasis in cosmetic medicine from Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery. She is a member of American College of Osteopathic Family Practitioners, American Osteopathic Association, and the Tulsa Osteopathic Medical Society.

As temperatures plunge, we cover our skin with clothing. We do so to protect ourselves from the cold, but in the process, we end up shielding ourselves from the sun as well. That makes winter an excellent time to have cosmetic procedures like IPL, laser hair reduction, and spider and varicose vein removal performed at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine.

Some wear slacks even in the summer because they are embarrassed to show their legs due to spider or varicose veins. Spider veins appear in clusters and can vary in color appearance of red, blue or purple veins (these are also known as broken capillaries). Varicose veins are thicker and deeper. Both are caused by abnormal blood flow through the veins. If you suffer from either of these, you could take advantage of the cold weather months to rid yourself of these unsightly and sometimes painful conditions. Advanced Cosmetic Medicine can treat both conditions safely and efficiently through two methods: injection therapy and GentleLASE therapy. The number of treatments required usually depends on the vessels, their size, and other factors. Treatments are usually done four to six weeks apart.

Winter is a great time of the year for these procedures for two reasons. First, after a treatment there may be slight reddening or swelling of the skin. Second, Dr. Spoor-Baker puts her patients into compression or support hose to help the treatment process and speed recovery. Both problems can be easily hidden by clothing as the healing process takes place.

Winter is also an optimum season for Photorejuvenation, also known as IPL or intense pulsed light. This procedure is an effective way to reduce the signs of aging on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. IPL is non-invasive, meaning that skin damage can be treated without disrupting the skin’s surface. Age spots, mottled skin pigmentation, sun damage, and patches of brown, benign pigment can all be effectively treated with IPL. Though excessive sun exposure is always harmful to the skin, it is even more so while a patient is going through these treatments, so skin coverage and sunscreen are especially important during this time.

You should also stay out of the sun while undergoing laser hair removal. Many people find permanent hair removal beneficial, time-saving and convenient. GentleLASE Plus laser treatments are the best way of making sure the hair removal is permanent and non-invasive. GentleLASE Plus uses a long pulse high energy alexandrite laser, which emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin and gets right to the hair follicle, destroying it without affecting the surrounding skin. Facial and bikini areas usually take as little as ten minutes per treatment, while larger surfaces, such as the legs and back can take longer. Since the body has millions of hair follicles that are stimulated for growth at different times, it takes several treatments to obtain maximum results—and it is better to start those treatments long before swimsuit season arrives.

When it comes to varicose veins, unwanted hair, age spots or other problems covered up by winter clothing, don’t let “out of sight, out of mind” be your motto. Visit Dr. Mallory Spoor-Baker at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine and start treatments before your skin is exposed for warmer weather.

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