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Ultimate Health and Strength

‘Change your water, change your life.’

By: Shelly Robinson | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: July 2008

Michelle Raley, owner of The Kangen Body Shop in Claremore, and Becky Paice, a satisfied customer, test the alkalinity of several beverages.

Are you looking for ultimate health and strength? Michelle Raley, owner of The Kangen Body Shop in Claremore, believes her store has what you’re looking for. “We offer all of the top-selling sports nutrition products and herbal supplements at incredible prices,” she said. “We’re also here to show people the benefits of hydrating their bodies with Kangen Water. Anyone who wants to try it can do so for free.”

A senior certified cardiovascular technician, Michelle opened the shop after performing mobile screenings for early detection of heart attack and stroke. “Everyone needs this screening, which is performed through a noninvasive medical device. It’s an opportunity to take control of your own health and improve your biological age by the protocols we have to offer,” said Michelle.   

While providing the screenings, Michelle witnessed a vast difference in screeners’ cardiovascular health before and after they consumed Kangen Water. “It helps the cardiovascular system immensely,” she said. “Kangen Water improves hydration and oxygenation in the body, allowing many people to go off their medications. It is also very beneficial to cancer patients. Our slogan is ‘Change your water, change your life.’”

Bottled water, protein water, vitamin water – water is more confusing than it used to be. Michelle invites you to visit The Kangen Body Shop and observe Kangen Water and several other beverages tested for alkalinity. “Kangen Water hydrates the body six times faster than any other water,” she said.

According to Michelle, Kangen is a Japanese term that means “return to origin,” and that is the idea behind it. “By returning to the original form of water, minerals stay in while chemicals and toxins stay out,” she explained. “Kangen Water is medical grade water, and the filtering system is considered a medical machine. It’s been used in Japan for over 40 years and is currently used in hospitals, cancer clinics and detoxification centers all around the United States.”

“I had to share this discovery with as many people as possible. I’ve given away a lot of water, but hearing so many great stories from all the people that it’s helped is so rewarding.”     

One family experiencing the restorative effects of Kangen Water is the Paice family of Claremore. Jenni Paice, 14, was diagnosed over six years ago with Graves’ disease and Type 1 Diabetes. As her health deteriorated, she required insulin shots and eventually an insulin pump. Her mother Becky heard about Kangen Water and decided to give it a try. Three days into the trial, the setting on Jenni’s insulin pump needed to be adjusted, because her blood sugar levels had lowered dramatically – over 100 points. “We’re now working toward getting her off the pump altogether. She’s using about half as much insulin as in the past. It’s just amazing,” said Becky.

Becky also mentions that the water helped her daughter’s stomach problems. “Nothing was working for her, and she was in a lot of pain. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to deal with that anymore.” Becky is such an advocate for Kangen Water that she is one of the shop’s first employees, along with Dawn Russo.

The Kangen Body Shop also offers ionic footbaths that help detoxify the body. “It’s amazing how many toxins exit the body during this process,” said Michelle. She will also conduct several classes each week on health and wellness issues, in addition to cardiovascular screenings by appointment.

Stop by The Kangen Body Shop at 602 S. Brady in Claremore for a great selection of sports nutrition products and herbal supplements, or to find out for yourself the benefits of Kangen Water.

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The Kangen Body Shop

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(918) 636-5455

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